Brynjolf Nilssen
Doing more of a think here
Tue Mar 12, 2019 23:44

Bryn took was taking it easy in his last year. He still had too many classes and still was able to keep up, but everything was still more of a challenge. The only thing that was better were the spells that several people had come up with to help out with communication or even every day things. The best was Professor McKindy’s help in his advanced spellwork course. The spells he’d been working on helped him with Quidditch and so he was still able to be captain for his final year. The Draco would take the opportunity to knock a bludger around while he still could, but it wouldn’t be something he kept up after graduation. In the meantime, he was just enjoying what he could.

While things were hard, he took it with a grain of salt. At least this year he was in a better mood. He still wasn’t okay, but better was an improvement. He didn’t stay in his room anymore or hole himself up where people couldn’t find him. He didn’t avoid interactions as much, although trickier conversations and lectures still caused a problem. The seventh-year had finally gotten used to the Dictaquill constantly hovering around him and had even gotten used to the odd looks it received the first few times he interacted with people (they might have been good at hiding it, but when his primary form of knowing what a person said was reading their lips you got really good at reading facial expressions).

All in all, Bryn was more optimistic than he had been since his diagnosis.

Part of taking it easy was finding new things that he liked to do that didn’t involve concentrating on the various spells he had to maintain. Swimming was one of those. It was convient because even if you could hear, water got in your ears and made it hard. There wasn’t an obligation to talk or to hear someone, and if there was, it was more acceptable that it took time for him to understand. Anyone would when they were waterlogged. Plus, swimming was better than running anyway. Cardio wasn’t as fun without being able to run and hear things, it was like watching a moving film with no sound. Dull and unentertaining for sure. So, swimming was the next best thing, plus it felt nice.

With his stuff piled neatly on a lounge chair excluding the shirt that he chose to leave on for the moment, the blonde made his way over to the pool’s edge. There was already someone in the water and he didn’t really have a way of catching their attention and didn’t want to freak them out by just jumping in, so he opted to sit at the side of the water. That way, he’d be able to let them know that a) he was there b) that he was going to swim and c) that he wasn’t going to be able to hear them. It was a pretty simple list.
Given, the school was small so he figured that the person probably already knew that he couldn’t hear them, but he liked to give people a fair warning because he didn’t always interact with everyone else. He leaned back on his hands, watching the girl in the water take laps.

After a lap or two, Bryn was getting bored and his attention drifted away from the girl. Blue eyes watched the water slosh as a result of her movements and he got a bit distracted by it, caught unaware when her head finally popped out of the water. It took a second for his eyes to adjust and catch up with what she was saying and for his brain to process reading her lips and to process who he was looking at. Thankfully, it was Marley and he knew she’d be cool with him waiting. It wasn’t like he was being a creep or something, it just needed some explaining. He shook his head at her words, sitting up so that he could use his hands freely.

I wasn’t just staring or anything,” His fingers moved faster than his brain and for once he was almost glad that he couldn’t talk. Stuttering might be worse than having to sign to explain himself but signing made context and tone hard. I just didn’t want to startle you,” his hands paused for a second. He tried to think of the easiest way to sign what he wanted to say. The more difficult the sentence, the harder it was for the spell to conjure the words. “I just wanted to let you know I was here before I jumped in,” Another pause to the subtitles catch up. “I wouldn’t have been able to hear you if I was swimming and you tried to get my attention.”

He made a vague gesture to his inactive Dictaquil sitting over on the chair with his towel, a sheepish grin on his face. His hearing aids were right there beside it since, for all the good they did him, he didn’t want to get them wet. ”Guess I startled you anyway,” He gave an apologetic look this time. ”Sorry.”

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