Professor Anders
I too dislike him.
Sat May 4, 2019 11:27

Anders Blackburn was thoroughly enjoying being a professor. RMI had been a great time when he was a student here, but it was even better this time around. He and Rob Heir were fast friends, and Anders liked spending time with Cindra and her daughter Ruby. Ruby especially seemed fascinated with all the creatures Anders had living in his apartments. As for his wife Rosetta, Anders had hardly seen her this month. She had been busy with work and when she had off Anders tended to be teaching. The long-distance thing was hard, but it was almost time for midterm so he was looking forward to a break from RMI to spend time with the best wife a guy could ask her.

For now, though Anders was patrolling the halls of RMI as one of his official duties as a Professor at RMI. He didn't mind doing this every so often. Interacting with the kids outside of class was excellent. The one place Anders was always drawn to was the Rec Center. This was probably because he had once held an illegal dueling club a la the Muggle movie Fight Club there and he wanted to make sure no kids followed in his footsteps.

As he rounded the corner, he could hear a girls' voice talking in a not so nice tone. The blonde Professor's steps quickened, but he slowed down when he realized the first year Deagret was talking to Alec Edwards. Why RMI had allowed this man's portrait to be hung up here and not the admin quarters was beyond him. Did they want people not to use the Rec Center?

Anders knew Alec Edwards had been the reason for a lot of what his own father did. His Uncle Tristan de Lenfent had been ruled by Alec for years and finally wiped from the world by the very same man. Alec's word had ruled Tristan, and in turn, Tristan had ruled Anders Bradbury the First his father. It was complicated and messy, and the reason Anders though a Pureblood from an outstanding family and turned away from it all at a very young age.

Anders could honestly say he hated Alec Edwards in every way a man could. The de Lenfents were all but wiped from the planet. Anders while he hadn't gotten along with his cousins in later life he had once been a close playmate to them. He had attended Dru and TJ's funerals after the murders that were never solved, but Anders knew thanks to his father's journals that Alec had at the very least planned their deaths over some slight.

Anders shook his head and leaned them against the wall amused by Deagret's speech to the portrait. When she seemed done Anders announced. "Five points for creative outlets to Draco!" He said with a laugh.

"I highly recommend not defacing that portrait at least not during normal hours and with your face uncovered. Wouldn't want him rat-ing you out."

  • I highly dislike uncultured swine. - Deagret Wyckland, Tue Apr 23 22:16
    Deagret was absolutely fuming . How dare this mere painting mock and criticize her for her heritage?! This so called "Alec Edwards" was a disgusting representative of pureblood wizards and witches,... more
    • I too dislike him. - Professor Anders, Sat May 4 11:27
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