Everything? That's a risky statement
Mon Feb 20, 2017 01:47

“Holland!” she echoed brightly. “Awesome.” The way Holland had responsed made her-or-him seem amused that Marley had forgotten his-or-her name. That was good. It was always better when her forgetfulness provoked an amused reaction, rather than an angry one, or even just an unhappy one. The second-year didn’t think she had made anyone angry recently, but she had gotten a noticeably unhappy reaction from her lastest Spellwork partner when she mixed up wand movements and a charm backfired with a rather smokey result. It would’ve been nicer to just laugh it off, but apparently not everyone was as easy to laugh as she was.

“I don’t think I have any nicknames, either,” she remarked. “I mean, Mum calls me my middle name sometimes, but that doesn’t seem like it should count. Besides, it’s even longer than my real name. Raphaelle,” she told Holland, which was possibly unnecessary for her to share, but she kind of liked sharing it anyways, if only for the purpose of complaining (just saying it always made her nose wrinkle, her tone taking on something that could almost be called a whine). Marley assumed the name meant something and that’s why her mum chose it, but she didn’t know what. So she was stuck just thinking it sounded weird and was spelt weird, too.

Holland’s name was much more interesting by comparison.

She-or-he then asked a question that was significantly less interesting. The dark-skinned girl shrugged it off. “Well, technically, classes are still happening, I guess? But it’s my birthday.” She said it like that explained everything. Which it did, obviously. When Marley used to live with her dad during the school year, he’d let her call in sick on her birthday so they could go somewhere fun like the zoo or museum instead, and she quite agreed that it was the right thing to do (though also agreed not to tell her mum because the woman would undoubtedly find a way to somehow ground both of them).

“Hey,” she noticed, “your suit’s really cool!” That statement from anyone else might have been interpretable as trying to subtly change the topic off ‘skipping class’, but Marley didn’t believe she had done anything wrong, so subtle topic changes were far from her mind. And she wasn’t a subtle person, anyways, so. “Is it like, a boy suit or a girl suit? I mean, swimsuits aren’t boys or girls, duh,” she grinned, “but like, are you a boy or a girl today? ‘Cause it’s like you change a lot, and that’s neat but also kind of strange. But not in a bad way, I think,” she hastily added. Marley never intentionally insulted people, and that was the key word - intentionally. She was trying to get better at paying attention to her words. But it was so hard sometimes!

  • Everything is better with splashing - Holland, Sun Feb 19 14:32
    People who voluntarily went out for Beater were, in Holland’s opinion, a bit insane. Marley hadn’t totally come into it yet, but there was a little spark of madness there, they thought, as the... more
    • Everything? That's a risky statement - Marley, Mon Feb 20 01:47
      • But I stand by it - Holland, Mon Feb 27 23:36
        Marley’s story about her mom using her middle name baffled Holland, whose middle name was used to refer to them about as frequently as gendered pronouns. They didn’t even get “Holland Skylar Keene”d... more
        • Oh, good! I like firm opinions! - Marley , Sat Mar 4 19:55
          She beamed brightly at the birthday wishes. “Thanks! I already ate, like, so much cake today. But none with candles, yet. It doesn’t make sense to blow out candles on your own.” That was the downside ... more
          • Then you came to the right place - Holland, Sun Mar 5 17:07
            Both always was a good way of putting it. Holland had practice explaining what non-binary meant. Once they got to RMI, they had realized it was a good idea to have an elevator speech about their... more
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