Claudia Dubois
Calling all female students: We deserve this
Sun Jun 16, 2019 15:22

Boys were trouble. Girls were by no means perfect, but their male counterparts seemed to be responsible for considerable upset just recently, both for Claudia and for her friends: from slurs and hexes to fighting with fists and upsetting girls with confusing kisses. Boys did all this stupid stuff even without societal pressures of physical perfection or the mockery of biology playing havoc with their mind and body every Merlin damned month.

After barely any consideration once the idea occurred to her, Claudia decided to hold an event designed to pamper and relax RMI’s female population. In the Edwards rec center she’d arranged a number of loungers and low tables. The sixth year had ordered the entire collection of Colovarious polishes and a small selection of cosmetics from Veela’s Vanity, and a vast quantity of face masks, foot scrubs and moisturising lotions from Spell, Look & Candle. Tastefully sophisticated fliers advertised a relaxing spa experience, welcoming all girls to enjoy free treatments or a makeover.

Strictly speaking, boys were not welcome, but Claudia did not know whether she would actually turn away any who decided to join them. It would depend on the boy in question, perhaps. She categorically would not turn away any girls. Claudia did not expect Dakota to come (and didn’t mind her absence at all. She was no longer afraid of her, but genuinely failed to see how anyone found anything to like about the fourth year) but she would be as welcome as any other female student.

With a new bathing suit - nude, covered liberally in swirls of gold glitter - concealed beneath a pale green wrap around dress patterned with daisies, Claudia was dressed a great deal more casually than usual. Her dark blonde hair was secured simply in two pigtails either side the nape of her neck, and she only wore magically waterproof brown eyeliner and mascara, keeping her face free of other cosmetics in case she decided to use a mask.

“Help yourself to any products,” she invited girls who joined her. She would not offer to deliver any treatments herself - that was beneath her, even if she could tolerate touching other people’s hands and feet. No, thank you - but would encourage others to do so if they desired.

    • Not the target audience - Jason Fitz, Sat Jun 29 10:32
      So the thing about having an older sister like Jenna was that she really, like really didn’t like being told what to do. To be fair, all the Fitz kids were kind of like that but Jenna had it in... more
      • But I am. - Quinn Walker, Mon Jul 1 20:58
        A spa day at RMI sounded fantastic. A spa day without boys was even better in Quinn Walker’s mind. The fact that she had since coming to RMI enjoyed the company of Jesse and that was about it so far... more
        • Time for target practice? - Jace, Wed Jul 3 06:36
          Oh snap this girl was full of so much sass. If Jace didn’t have a sassier, scarier older sister then he probably would have been intimidated but he was pretty dang sure that growing up with Jenna... more
          • Not just yet - Quinn, Wed Jul 10 07:41
            Quinn had hoped the boy would be significantly shamed and scurry from the Rec Center with his metaphorical tail tucked between his legs. Yet as Quinn selected a light pink the color of ballet shoes... more
            • Well don't leave me in suspense - Jace, Fri Jul 12 06:30
              With a whistle, Jace examined his fingers, which were now nail polish free. It wasn’t like he planned on making this a regular event but he could totally tell why some girls would want to know how to ... more
    • In need of a beauty guru - Magdalena Adler, Wed Jun 19 16:31
      Alena did not come from a family of people who were shy about their bodies. Growing up in Germany naked swimmers had been a regular sight on any visit to her paternal relatives which meant Magdalena... more
      • I'm willing to give that role a shot - Marley Chapman, Thu Jun 20 23:48
        According to the doctor at Mount Sinai, she’d come out of her motorcycle crash with nothing more than a broken arm and a concussion. According to the mediwizard who had then looked her over as a... more
        • Congrats, you're hired - Alena, Sun Jun 30 13:03
          Alena knew she had chosen the right person to guide her. Marley always had an opinion and genuinely seemed to enjoy sharing them - loudly. Sometimes this aggravated Alena - like at Claudia's party... more
          • Late to work on my first day, whoopsies - Marley, Sun Jul 28 21:54
            “Well-informed?” Marley couldn’t hold back a laugh, short dark curls bouncing as she shook her head. “I enjoy it, and I’ve got opinions about it, of course,” for better or worse she never went... more
    • And I'll do my best to believe it - Remington Burnham, Tue Jun 18 00:38
      Remington didn’t mean to stare, but Claudia’s bathing suit was worth a second glance. And a third. Possibly even a fourth. Definitely no more than a fifth. ...sixth? The Draco looked down at her own... more
      • Clap if you believe! - Madeleine Tennant, Thu Jun 20 00:45
        Madeleine had two dads. Most of the time it was awesome because her dad was an actor and a musician, and Madeleine loved theater and singing, and Aaron-Dad was amazing with magic and animals, and... more
        • I do, I do! - Remington, Sun Jun 23 21:20
          The Draco smiled brightly at Madeleine. She hadn’t visited the Tennants over holiday break, but she’d still sent Christmas gifts their way. Drew got this really cool notebook she’d found at a magical ... more
          • *claps* - Madeleine, Thu Jun 27 22:20
            Madeleine liked all of Drew’s friends. Dakota was super fun to play with because she actually liked dress-up, and Darlene was super nice, and Remy was super smart. Her big brother sure knew how to... more
            • *clap claps* - Remington, Wed Jul 3 03:13
              That morning, she’d mentioned to her parents at brunch that she was going to Claudia’s spa day. As much as they wouldn’t admit it, even after they had multiple conversations over midterm, Remington... more
              • Clap on, clap off! - Madeleine, Fri Jul 5 16:19
                Oh-Em-Goodness, Remington thought Madeleine was smart?!?! This was the best return from winter break ever. Madeleine beamed with pride (the face mask cracked more and tugged all the tiny invisible... more
                • Wax on, wax off! - Remington, Wed Jul 24 14:56
                  Merlin, Madeleine was a cutie. She got so excited about all this academic and spellwork stuff. Remington felt all warm and fuzzy inside, like a proud sister, just watching her. Drew’s little sister... more
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