Rose Farnon
I mean, if you insist
Fri Feb 24, 2017 06:24

Midterm had been Midterm, and Rose was a little annoyed she hadn’t been able to convince her brothers to stay at school for it. Dade had been down, but Connor had put up a fuss and had ultimately told their father what she was trying to do, and she’d gotten a Howler about it so Christmas with the family it had been. And it was miserable, as usual. Charlene, home from Hogwarts, was a brat and their stepmother was rude and their father’s temper was short and it had all culminated in a yelling match over bread pudding and Rose storming off to her room with curtains billowing behind her and her father yelling at her to control herself. It wasn’t her fault accidental magic still happened. She hadn’t mentioned it to anyone at school though. Now that she was sixteen, it might be time to. Rose was almost of age, and she figured that someone old enough to Apparate should probably do it without accidental magic in their wake.

Now that she was back at school, Rose intended to make full use of her time. One of the things that she did a lot of was swimming - it helped her calm down and it increased her stamina for Quidditch, as a bonus. It wasn’t early in the morning but from the lump in the bed next to hers, the curly-haired blonde was pretty sure Marissa was asleep. Of course, it could have just been the covers piling up in a weird way, but just in case Rose made sure to be quiet. She didn’t want to wake up her roommate unnecessarily.

After she had shoved a towel into a drawstring bag and pulled yoga pants and a loose t-shirt over her blue one-piece, Rose made her way to the Rec Center. As usual, there was a scattering of students around, but only one in the main pool which was great. What was less great was that it was someone in the lap lane, but even from the door Rose could guess it was Danny. It seemed like he was the only other person in their year to use the pool as often as she did - or maybe that was because he was the one she ran into most often. Rose walked over to her yearmate and at his ‘good morning’ promptly dove over him into the pool, surfacing with a grin, her hair fanning around her. Damn. She’d tried another charm to keep it under control in the pool, but clearly it hadn’t worked. Rose was starting to think her hair was charm-proof by now.

“Hey,” she greeted Danny properly, clinging to the side of the pool with one hand. “What’s up?”

  • Just Keep Swimming - Dardanius Dubois, Mon Feb 20 09:15
    When he was at home over the summer, Dardanius spent a lot of time in his family’s outdoor pool. In the winter, even with warming charms, he still didn't enjoy the experience so much as being indoors ... more
    • I mean, if you insist - Rose Farnon, Fri Feb 24 06:24
      • Would you do whatever I insist? - Dardanius, Sat Feb 25 15:00
        Of all the students in the school, Rose was one who seemed to frequent the recreation center at similar times to Danny himself, so he often saw her there. He had, by now, schooled himself not to... more
        • Danny was one of the few people in RMI’s upper years that Marissa had yet to manage making out with, although the two girls had definitely commented on his attractiveness at least a couple of times.... more
          • Don't you trust my judgment? - Danny, Sun Mar 5 14:40
            Rose said she'd met both the transfers. Danny had only asked about the one in their year just because that's where his train of thought had taken him, but he knew there was a new student in Emmett’s... more
            • Not even a little - Rose, Mon Mar 6 04:45
              Rose snorted when Danny said that he was going to take her comments on the transfers as a positive review. She considered it more neutral than anything, honestly. Although the two new students were... more
              • I'm hurt - Danny, Wed Mar 8 13:36
                Danny had been alternating between treading water and hanging on to the side, as where he’d been resting, and chatting with Rose, the water was too deep for him to stand. He had only done six lengths ... more
                • Pff, like you don't deserve it - Rose, Sat Mar 11 15:30
                  With a laugh, Rose splashed Danny, gliding her right arm through the water at just the right angle to make a fair amount of water shower him. She wasn’t sure that she was better than Danny at... more
                  • Maybe in a former life - Danny, Sun Mar 12 16:37
                    A reasonable cascade of water, considering it was created by a small person, splashed into Danny’s face. He laughed, not being entirely surprised by such a reaction (they were in a pool ), and shook... more
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