Oh, good! I like firm opinions!
Sat Mar 4, 2017 19:55

She beamed brightly at the birthday wishes. “Thanks! I already ate, like, so much cake today. But none with candles, yet. It doesn’t make sense to blow out candles on your own.” That was the downside of skipping classes for her birthday; she had missed eating with anyone of her own age-group, and although Marley was a rather friendly type of person, she wasn’t ignorant enough of social standards to just plop herself down at a table with random older students and make them sing Happy Birthday to her while she made a wish. She was planning to get to the Diner in time to join her friends for dinner, though. Hopefully they could have some fire then!

Marley listened with rapt fascination as he-or-she explained something called non-binary. The last (maybe only) time she’d heard the word ‘binary’ was when her super-smart uncle was ranting across the family dinner table about his job at the Canadian Space Agency. Her uncle worked with robots and programming and technology stuff, so she knew that it had something to do with computers. But that didn’t seem to be what Holland was using the word for. Then again, Holland had specified non-binary, i.e. non-computers, so maybe that made sense? Like, computers were machines, and machines were really specific and boys and girls were also really specific, but Holland was trying to say she-or-he wasn’t specific?

Huh. Okay, strange was definitely still the right word. But definitely still not in a bad way. It was just strange because, well, surely she should’ve noticed Holland going into the Lyra dorms, or even a washroom or changeroom, and surely that should’ve raised the question much sooner? Marley quickly decided that she wasn’t actually surprised, though. Being the proud/kind-of-lonely occupant of a single, she didn’t spend much time in Lyra anyways; and being the impulsive/signing-up-without-thinking member of numerous clubs at RMI, her attendance at theatre rehearsals, Quidditch practices, and everything else was generally bookended by a frantic dash to get somewhere rather than socializing.

“So you don’t change, you’re just like both always?” she half-clarified, half-assumed. As she said it, the intense Thinking Expression which had briefly taken over her face was almost immediately swept away with yet another big grin. “I didn’t know people could be that!” she exclaimed. “That’s so awesome! And, yeah, that’s totally a perfect suit, then!” Awesome was turning out to be Marley’s favourite (or at least most used) word this year, and it was indeed awesome, both the non-binary part and that he-or-she - whoops, he-and-she - had shared this new piece of information. It felt like the biggest revelation Marley had had had since finding out in Cultural Studies that flying carpets actually existed for real outside of ‘Aladdin’, and that had been a seriously big deal since she, like, loved ‘Aladdin’.

Having never occurred to her that Holland was a she-and-he instead of an either/or, Marley barreled straight on with more commentary, hands and feet still moving in busy circles under the water. “Are you like, always having to correct people, or feeling like it ‘cause you know they’re thinking you’re changing from one or the other? I can’t imagine that. Well, maybe a bit,” she amended. Getting categorized as a different race depending on if she was hanging out with her mum or her dad seemed like a similar situation, and it was always really frustrating. Which, come to think of it... “Oh my God, I was so rude to like, basically throw it in your face like that. I know that sucks. I’m so sorry!”

  • But I stand by it - Holland, Mon Feb 27 23:36
    Marley’s story about her mom using her middle name baffled Holland, whose middle name was used to refer to them about as frequently as gendered pronouns. They didn’t even get “Holland Skylar Keene”d... more
    • Oh, good! I like firm opinions! - Marley , Sat Mar 4 19:55
      • Then you came to the right place - Holland, Sun Mar 5 17:07
        Both always was a good way of putting it. Holland had practice explaining what non-binary meant. Once they got to RMI, they had realized it was a good idea to have an elevator speech about their... more
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