That seems like an exceptionally bad plan
Sun Mar 5, 2017 10:35

Danny was one of the few people in RMI’s upper years that Marissa had yet to manage making out with, although the two girls had definitely commented on his attractiveness at least a couple of times. Neither Aquila had more than a passing interest in their friend - at least, Rose didn’t think so. She wasn’t entirely sure what having a crush felt like, much to her embarrassment. She kept meaning to ask Marissa, but it somehow never came up. Her best friend never made an issue of it, but for someone who was practically attached at the hip to Marissa, Rose had shown very little interest in boys. Not that she was interested in girls - or at least, she was pretty sure she wasn’t. But even with Josh it had been more of a ‘well, why not’ sort of thing. Admittedly, if that was what a crush was, Rose had a lot of them.

She should ask Marissa about that sometime.

Anyway, that aside, Danny was asking about the transfer and Rose had to pause to think about it. “I’ve met both of them,” she said, remembering her brief interaction with Ruben. It hadn’t been much, but it had definitely been intriguing. Between the hair and the jeans, Rose hadn’t quite known how to process their new yearmate’s physical appearance and hadn’t been in the mood to make introductions at the time. She had definitely gone straight to Marissa with the news that there was a new boy in their year, though. Marissa didn’t have any immediate interest in going after him, but Rose wouldn’t be surprised if that changed within the next couple of months. They hadn’t really gotten to know Ruben yet, and getting to know people tended to make Marissa want to get to know them.

“Ruben seems a little weird,” the blonde said. “And so does the girl - I think her name is Kaye? She’s a fourth year I think, but she wears these wigs all the time. Or at least, I think they’re wigs.” Holland often changed their hair using magic, something that Rose was a little jealous of, but it was far from common. Rose’s perpetual attempts to tame her curls aside, the Aquila was unsure if anyone else tried beauty magic. It was often technically a type of self-transfiguration, which many people found difficult, and it wasn’t taught in class so you’d have to be pretty motivated to learn it on your own. “But they haven’t done anything to piss us off yet, so they’re doing better than some other people.” Two of the seventh years, Lucien Dubois and Justin Alderman, were often more irritating than not, especially when it came to talking about Holland. Rose didn’t strictly dislike Lucien, but she often found him rigid and close-minded.

  • Would you do whatever I insist? - Dardanius, Sat Feb 25 15:00
    Of all the students in the school, Rose was one who seemed to frequent the recreation center at similar times to Danny himself, so he often saw her there. He had, by now, schooled himself not to... more
    • That seems like an exceptionally bad plan - Rose, Sun Mar 5 10:35
      • Don't you trust my judgment? - Danny, Sun Mar 5 14:40
        Rose said she'd met both the transfers. Danny had only asked about the one in their year just because that's where his train of thought had taken him, but he knew there was a new student in Emmett’s... more
        • Not even a little - Rose, Mon Mar 6 04:45
          Rose snorted when Danny said that he was going to take her comments on the transfers as a positive review. She considered it more neutral than anything, honestly. Although the two new students were... more
          • I'm hurt - Danny, Wed Mar 8 13:36
            Danny had been alternating between treading water and hanging on to the side, as where he’d been resting, and chatting with Rose, the water was too deep for him to stand. He had only done six lengths ... more
            • Pff, like you don't deserve it - Rose, Sat Mar 11 15:30
              With a laugh, Rose splashed Danny, gliding her right arm through the water at just the right angle to make a fair amount of water shower him. She wasn’t sure that she was better than Danny at... more
              • Maybe in a former life - Danny, Sun Mar 12 16:37
                A reasonable cascade of water, considering it was created by a small person, splashed into Danny’s face. He laughed, not being entirely surprised by such a reaction (they were in a pool ), and shook... more
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