Don't you trust my judgment?
Sun Mar 5, 2017 14:40

Rose said she'd met both the transfers. Danny had only asked about the one in their year just because that's where his train of thought had taken him, but he knew there was a new student in Emmett’s year, too. Apparently they were both ‘a little weird’ according to Rose, but that didn't really inform Dardanius of anything; his concept of ‘a little weird’ had altered in the years he'd gotten to know Holland. He’d also spent New Year’s Eve at a New Orleans street party (albeit in the most respectable district) so a girl who wore wigs or a guy with long black hair probably wasn’t going to phase him. Her expression was inscrutable to him - it didn’t sound as though being ‘a little weird’ was a positive comment in this context, but its degree of negativity was indeterminate.

“But they haven’t done anything to piss us off yet, so they’re doing better than some other people.” There she went with the slightly intimidating thing she did so well. On the one hand, Ruben and Kaye were probably both safe to talk to - he would have approached them sooner or later because Dardanius was friendly, and talkative, and liked to insert himself into other people’s business - but it was reassuring to know they hadn’t instantly made a bad first impression, considering the majority of the existing fourth and fifth years got along pretty well together most of the time. On the other hand, her statement confirmed his suspicions that some people in their school did, in fact, piss her off. He supposed it was impossible to like everyone in the whole school, even one as small as theirs, but he had never had cause to actively dislike anyone, himself. He did not have Rose’s temperament.

“I’m gonna go ahead and take that as a positive review,” Danny replied, grinning again. He assumed that by ‘us’ Rose had meant her and Marissa, because Danny couldn’t remember a day passing since they started RMI that the two girls hadn’t been together for at least some portion of the day. It was sometimes problematic, because if a person was clumsy and unfortunate enough to upset one half of the pair, they inevitably suffered the wrath of both. More recently he had considered that if one wanted to, hypothetically, have a less platonic relationship with either Rose or Marissa, one would have to be pretty sure which one to choose, because trying both probably wasn’t an option. Not that he’d given that much thought.

“So,” he hauled his thoughts away from kissing Rose anyone, “these people that piss you off… You can level with me. Am I one of them?” His tone was jovial, but if she were to answer for him once and for all that he did, in fact, irritate the crap out of her, then at least that question would be answered.

  • Danny was one of the few people in RMI’s upper years that Marissa had yet to manage making out with, although the two girls had definitely commented on his attractiveness at least a couple of times.... more
    • Don't you trust my judgment? - Danny, Sun Mar 5 14:40
      • Not even a little - Rose, Mon Mar 6 04:45
        Rose snorted when Danny said that he was going to take her comments on the transfers as a positive review. She considered it more neutral than anything, honestly. Although the two new students were... more
        • I'm hurt - Danny, Wed Mar 8 13:36
          Danny had been alternating between treading water and hanging on to the side, as where he’d been resting, and chatting with Rose, the water was too deep for him to stand. He had only done six lengths ... more
          • Pff, like you don't deserve it - Rose, Sat Mar 11 15:30
            With a laugh, Rose splashed Danny, gliding her right arm through the water at just the right angle to make a fair amount of water shower him. She wasn’t sure that she was better than Danny at... more
            • Maybe in a former life - Danny, Sun Mar 12 16:37
              A reasonable cascade of water, considering it was created by a small person, splashed into Danny’s face. He laughed, not being entirely surprised by such a reaction (they were in a pool ), and shook... more
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