Not even a little
Mon Mar 6, 2017 04:45

Rose snorted when Danny said that he was going to take her comments on the transfers as a positive review. She considered it more neutral than anything, honestly. Although the two new students were weird, Rose didn’t strictly consider that to be a bad thing. Having a strong opinions about people was something Rose did well, but so far neither of the transfers had prompted any sort of opinion from her. Although it was probably only a (short) matter of time. Of the two girls, Rose was definitely more judgmental than Marissa. They did a fair amount of gossiping about other students, though, and in general if Rose had a serious problem, Marissa had her back on it. Marissa was a great friend.

“Nah,” Rose said with a shrug, responding to her yearmate’s question about if he pissed her off. “Well, mostly,” she added, a little more honestly. Danny was a complete show-off who pretty much lived for attention and probably wouldn’t know effort if it bit his toes, but Rose didn’t find those qualities too damning. Occasionally she even found them endearing. However, especially when it came to classes, Rose found it irritating. Now that they had split off into specialties, Rose found Danny a lot less annoying in class, but she was also spending proportionally less time with him in class than she had so that was probably why.

“I mostly save that for like, Lucien,” she went on, treading water slightly despite being hooked on to the wall of the pool. The tiles at the bottom of the pool shone through the chlorinated water. “I don’t hate him, he’s just really snobby and such a jerk to Holland.” Rose and Holland weren’t close, but she liked her yearmate despite their oddities and didn’t find it acceptable that people didn’t respect their pronouns. Despite Holland having it explained the whole gender thing to Rose a couple times over the years, Rose didn’t really get it - she still thought of people in terms of two genders, with Holland as an asterisk at the bottom - but she was willing to respect it. “You know, people with more self-importance than common sense,” Rose clarified.

Admittedly, the argument could be made for Danny’s sense of self-importance, but despite his flaws he had never seemed self-important to Rose. Self-centered, yes, but not self-important.

  • Don't you trust my judgment? - Danny, Sun Mar 5 14:40
    Rose said she'd met both the transfers. Danny had only asked about the one in their year just because that's where his train of thought had taken him, but he knew there was a new student in Emmett’s... more
    • Not even a little - Rose, Mon Mar 6 04:45
      • I'm hurt - Danny, Wed Mar 8 13:36
        Danny had been alternating between treading water and hanging on to the side, as where he’d been resting, and chatting with Rose, the water was too deep for him to stand. He had only done six lengths ... more
        • Pff, like you don't deserve it - Rose, Sat Mar 11 15:30
          With a laugh, Rose splashed Danny, gliding her right arm through the water at just the right angle to make a fair amount of water shower him. She wasn’t sure that she was better than Danny at... more
          • Maybe in a former life - Danny, Sun Mar 12 16:37
            A reasonable cascade of water, considering it was created by a small person, splashed into Danny’s face. He laughed, not being entirely surprised by such a reaction (they were in a pool ), and shook... more
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