Pff, like you don't deserve it
Sat Mar 11, 2017 15:30

With a laugh, Rose splashed Danny, gliding her right arm through the water at just the right angle to make a fair amount of water shower him. She wasn’t sure that she was better than Danny at absolutely everything. For one, he was taking Potions where she definitely wasn’t. It wasn’t as though Rose was terrible at Potions - she wasn’t really terrible at anything academic - but she definitely didn’t enjoy it or have any particular knack for it. She was easily top of the class in Spellwork, which she could attribute both to a particular inclination toward it and a lot of hard work, and Defense was often just Spellwork but with more dodging. Magizoobotany was one of the harder classes for the fifth-year, as she didn’t have a particular gift for working with either animals or plants, but it wasn’t a class she despised. And she was surprisingly good at Arithmancy, even though she wasn’t overly fond of Professor Wilson. In Rose’s opinion, the Arithmancy professor had a tendency to over-explain what Rose considered to be basic concepts.

“Spend less time preening and you might give me a run for my money,” Rose teased. It was one of the things that amused her and Marissa most about Danny. The boy lived for attention - and usually got it, honestly. He was pretty likeable. And not at all, from what Rose could gather, like his younger sister. Claudia was in Connor’s year, and from what Rose could tell the two twelve year olds - well, Connor was thirteen now - got along well. It baffled Rose to think that her stiff, mildly pretentious younger brother could manage to get on with anyone well, but she was glad he’d found what she presumed was, more or less, a friend in the younger Dubois. Even Dade had managed to find a friend. RMI was a magical place.

Rose looked around the rec center. It was still pretty quiet, no raucous first years running around splashing each other. Sometimes Rose forgot how much of an age gap there was between the oldest and youngest students, but now that she was on the upper end of the middle range - now that her baby brother was in school with her - she was starting to feel the difference a little more acutely. She didn’t have anything specifically against first years, they just tended to be noisier and more inclined to blow things up than the older years, as well as more slow on the uptake. Most of the older students were much more aware of their surroundings and their relationships with the other students - with the exception of Emmett, of course. Marissa’s ex was not the shiniest sickle in the jar.

  • I'm hurt - Danny, Wed Mar 8 13:36
    Danny had been alternating between treading water and hanging on to the side, as where he’d been resting, and chatting with Rose, the water was too deep for him to stand. He had only done six lengths ... more
    • Pff, like you don't deserve it - Rose, Sat Mar 11 15:30
      • Maybe in a former life - Danny, Sun Mar 12 16:37
        A reasonable cascade of water, considering it was created by a small person, splashed into Danny’s face. He laughed, not being entirely surprised by such a reaction (they were in a pool ), and shook... more
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