Holland Keene
Who wants a makeover?
Thu Apr 13, 2017 22:24

Footloose was over. Hell Week had been especially hellish this year, all things considered. Marissa and Danny had called off their friends-with-benefits thing and Holland had heard about it from both of them and quickly realized that both of them were behaving in a way that made Holland doubt how smart they both were.

Danny, admittedly, was being more obtuse than Marissa. The other fifth-years clearly both liked each other and their parents were even friends, so Holland did not see why Danny’s whole pureblood thing needed to come into play at all. Unless there was more to it than he was saying, and the Dubois family was wrapped up in some sort of High Society Pureblood Mafia, which was possible. There were almost certainly multiple mobs operating within the realm of wizarding pureblood society, and probably a few which included non-purebloods as well. The wizarding government operated almost exactly like a crime syndicate, relative to Muggle society: it dealt in the regulation of transactions which would most likely be considered illegal by non-wizards; protection racketeering’s legal cousin, regulatory capture, was practically the status quo; and it was said to be doing its job when those outside of it were unaware of its influence.

The show was over and Holland had free time now, and they’d had fun experimenting with hair and makeup over the last few weeks. (Except for Marissa’s perm. Holland had cringed and low-key apologized the entire time they were doing it. Marissa’s hair was exhausting to work with under normal circumstances, and this had turned things abnormal. They did not want to think about Marissa’s perm.) They’d done Claudia’s makeup at the start of term, and while it was different from their usual flashy style, it was still fun. Lately Ruben had let Holland give him cool Viking braids. It was a total blast to work with a guy with long hair who liked fancy braids and had the patience to sit for them.

They were still going out, as distinguishable from dating or going steady, which connotated exclusivity. Holland still wasn’t exactly sure where they stood on feelings for Ruben, but there was major aesthetic attraction, and he was fun, and the kissing was awesome. It was a little weird that he sometimes used a Swedish pronoun for them, but Holland had done some research on it and they thought it was cool that Sweden had a gender-neutral pronoun that was definitively singular, although the sixteen-year-old still preferred they/them. To his credit, Ruben did make an effort to use they/them, and at least he wasn’t misgendering them with a gendered pronoun.

After fixing the damage from Marissa’s perm (they had pooled their resources to spring for the fancy relaxant that made Marissa’s hair stay straight for days), Holland had had an idea of how to get more practice in. They’d set up in the Rec Center with a chair, a hand mirror, and most of their hair and makeup supplies. They’d charmed the words Free Makeovers in shimmery purple letters into the air above their head. Every few moments, the letters morphed to say haircuts, color, styling, or makeup. Satisfied with the effects of their spell, Holland sat down and got started on this week’s Ancient Runes readings while they waited for someone to approach.

    • It's a makeover! Makey make over! - Kaye Packman, Fri Apr 14 15:50
      Kaye had participated in a couple of pool games so far this year, and she’d won a good majority of them. The pale girl hadn’t realized she was good at pool; it was a nice discovery. She’d started... more
      • It will be if I can help you - Holland, Sat Apr 15 17:22
        Kaye’s makeup, a fantastic smoky eye and very red lips, was on point today. It wasn’t your typical daytime look—dark shadow and bright lipstick was usually reserved for a night on the town—but Kaye... more
        • I'm sure we can get creative - Kaye, Sat Apr 15 18:05
          Kaye already knew that she thought Holland was attractive, but Merlin, they were very cute. The fourth year couldn’t figure out if her interest was purely an aesthetic one or something else. It made... more
          • My favorite idea is being creative - Holland, Mon Apr 17 12:10
            “Your makeup is already on point, so I’m not gonna mess with that. If I had the supplies and knew how I’d offer to henna your scalp,” Holland said, completely serious. Kaye could rock the wigless... more
            • Kaye couldn’t help but smile wide and laugh at Holland’s suggestion. “Wait, you’d really learn how to do that?” It was clear that the older student was serious. The Aquila thought about it, and then... more
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