Kaye Packman
It's a makeover! Makey make over!
Fri Apr 14, 2017 15:50

Kaye had participated in a couple of pool games so far this year, and she’d won a good majority of them. The pale girl hadn’t realized she was good at pool; it was a nice discovery. She’d started betting on the games recently, and she’d managed to make some money to spend at the ice cream shop on Pearl Street.

She’d expected to spend a lot more time on Pearl Street than she did, but she knew she had a habit of walking away with things. Since Pearl Street was made up of a lot of local, family owned businesses, she’d been trying to avoid the temptation as much as possible. Kaye was a thief with a code, after all, and stealing from many of the Pearl Street shops would be wrong. She did most of her taking from the Finer Diner and her annoying roommate, so it worked out.

Before making her way to the Rec Center, Kaye checked her reflection to make any final adjustments to her outfit. She’d put on a blue-violet skater dress and the top part was pretty see-through, so she’d thrown on a leather jacket over top. She didn’t mind that it was see-through, but the world had dumb rules about regulating the human body or whatever, so she had cool jackets to make up for it. She adjusted the red silk headband she’d put in her long black wig with blue tips. Sometimes she’d add accessories to her hair to keep people on their toes. No one at Rocky Mountain International had asked about her constantly changing hairstyles yet, so either everyone thought it was real or no one had the balls to ask. Kaye wasn’t sure which option made her feel more pleased. She slipped her feet into her lace up combat boots and made her way to the Rec Center from Aquila; the chains on her boots narrated her every step with a soft clinging noise.

When she got there, it didn’t seem like many people were out and about. Weird. Maybe everyone was focusing on schoolwork or something. There wouldn’t be people to win some money off of today. That was disappointing.

But there was someone who set up shop in the Rec Center, and that was much less disappointing.

Kaye made her way over to Holland, grinning at the sign. Free makeovers, huh? Kaye didn’t need any makeup done today. She’d gone with her signature red lip and heavy black shadow and liner look, and she thought it worked really well for her. She was interested in getting to know Holland more, though. Kaye knew very little about the older student. She knew that they were in a thing with Ruben, and that they used they/them pronouns. She also knew that Holland was ridiculously attractive, which meant Kaye had spent a bit of time since noticing Holland questioning her assumed straightness.

“Hey,” Kaye greeted the other student and dropped her bag, which she’d hoped to fill with winnings, to the floor. It made a dull thudding sound when it landed, and then it sounded like something rolled around. Maybe she had a piece of fruit in there from the Diner? She didn’t remember stealing any fruit or dishes this morning, but she wouldn’t be surprised if she had. “So your sign says you do haircuts, color, styling, and makeup. What’s your experience with wigs?"

  • Who wants a makeover? - Holland Keene, Thu Apr 13 22:24
    Footloose was over. Hell Week had been especially hellish this year, all things considered. Marissa and Danny had called off their friends-with-benefits thing and Holland had heard about it from both ... more
    • It's a makeover! Makey make over! - Kaye Packman, Fri Apr 14 15:50
      • It will be if I can help you - Holland, Sat Apr 15 17:22
        Kaye’s makeup, a fantastic smoky eye and very red lips, was on point today. It wasn’t your typical daytime look—dark shadow and bright lipstick was usually reserved for a night on the town—but Kaye... more
        • I'm sure we can get creative - Kaye, Sat Apr 15 18:05
          Kaye already knew that she thought Holland was attractive, but Merlin, they were very cute. The fourth year couldn’t figure out if her interest was purely an aesthetic one or something else. It made... more
          • My favorite idea is being creative - Holland, Mon Apr 17 12:10
            “Your makeup is already on point, so I’m not gonna mess with that. If I had the supplies and knew how I’d offer to henna your scalp,” Holland said, completely serious. Kaye could rock the wigless... more
            • Kaye couldn’t help but smile wide and laugh at Holland’s suggestion. “Wait, you’d really learn how to do that?” It was clear that the older student was serious. The Aquila thought about it, and then... more
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