It will be if I can help you
Sat Apr 15, 2017 17:22

Kaye’s makeup, a fantastic smoky eye and very red lips, was on point today. It wasn’t your typical daytime look—dark shadow and bright lipstick was usually reserved for a night on the town—but Kaye pulled it off. Just like her clothes. All of Kaye’s outfits, regardless of which wig she was wearing, were simultaneously unique and fit in with her peppy goth style. Holland knew the effort it took to have a cohesive wardrobe, and was always impressed by people who put thought into overall style.

Having more of an eye for hair than most people, Holland had immediately noticed that Kaye’s hair was a wig. Wigs didn’t interact with physics in the same way that natural hair did, even when they were made of human hair. Plus, the younger girl’s hairline was also too abrupt to be natural. Even before they’d seen Kaye wearing all of her different wigs, which were different lengths and textures (unlike Holland’s daily hair changes, which were colors-only). Holland’s personal favorite was the long green one, although the black and blue wig Kaye was currently wearing was fun too.

Holland hadn’t asked about the wigs, because they understood what it was like to have private semi-medical information you didn’t want to discuss with people you didn’t know well. It wasn’t their business why Kaye wore wigs. People with unusual hair had to stick together, or something.

“None, but I’m willing to try.” Holland pondered the question, staring contemplatively at the apple that had rolled out of Kaye’s bag. A shiny spot on the apple had started to glow under the Recreation Center’s fluorescent lights, which gave Holland something to focus on while they thought. “If it’s human hair, I can totally style it the way I normally would,” Holland began slowly. “Animal would probably work the same, too. I’m not too sure about synthetic, but I think I could do anything that doesn’t involve heat and certain products. What did you have in mind?” If Kaye didn’t want to risk any of those options with her wig, Holland could always give her a manicure.

  • It's a makeover! Makey make over! - Kaye Packman, Fri Apr 14 15:50
    Kaye had participated in a couple of pool games so far this year, and she’d won a good majority of them. The pale girl hadn’t realized she was good at pool; it was a nice discovery. She’d started... more
    • It will be if I can help you - Holland, Sat Apr 15 17:22
      • I'm sure we can get creative - Kaye, Sat Apr 15 18:05
        Kaye already knew that she thought Holland was attractive, but Merlin, they were very cute. The fourth year couldn’t figure out if her interest was purely an aesthetic one or something else. It made... more
        • My favorite idea is being creative - Holland, Mon Apr 17 12:10
          “Your makeup is already on point, so I’m not gonna mess with that. If I had the supplies and knew how I’d offer to henna your scalp,” Holland said, completely serious. Kaye could rock the wigless... more
          • Kaye couldn’t help but smile wide and laugh at Holland’s suggestion. “Wait, you’d really learn how to do that?” It was clear that the older student was serious. The Aquila thought about it, and then... more
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