I'm sure we can get creative
Sat Apr 15, 2017 18:05

Kaye already knew that she thought Holland was attractive, but Merlin, they were very cute. The fourth year couldn’t figure out if her interest was purely an aesthetic one or something else. It made sense for it to just be aesthetic at this point, since she didn’t know Holland at all. They always had different colors in their hair, and Kaye liked that. It wasn’t like wigs, but it was nice to see another person consistently changing their hair at Rocky Mountain International. Even though they were basically strangers – something the pale girl was planning on correcting – she felt as though she had a comrade or something in Holland.

“Well, this wig is a heat resistant synthetic fiber,” she explained, leaning over to pick up the apple. She examined it while she talked, inspecting for bruises. How long had it been in there, anyway? “So I can straighten it if I want. I haven’t tried curling it, mostly because I’m sure there’s a limit to how heat resistant the thing is, and it’s my favorite.”

Kaye decided that the apple was still fresh enough to eat. She polished it against her shirt, pretending that that would wipe off any germs it had quickly gathered while rolling around in her bag and on the Rec Center floor, before taking a bite. She chewed carefully. “Anyway, if you wanna learn about wigs, I can help you. And you can help me with other things. …like, I dunno, makeup or hair or scalp tattoos, whatever you fancy.”

She scanned the Rec Center with her blue eyes, still pleasantly surprised at how empty it was. She’d never seen the room super-duper busy, but it wasn’t a place she regularly frequented. Maybe there were usually a lot more around at this hour, and that was why Holland chose this spot to set up shop. It was too bad no one else was around. Well, Kaye certainly wasn’t complaining, because she had been wanting to get to know Holland for a hot minute, but it was probably a disappointment for the older student. Kaye hoped Holland hadn’t sat here for super long all by themselves before the Aquila showed up.

“So why’d you choose to set up shop in the Rec Center?” She asked curiously once her mouth wasn’t full of apple. “I mean, I think the library would be better.” Kaye grinned, clearly teasing. “I usually hang out in Aquila or Pearl Street or wander the passageways. Is it usually busier in here? There’s only a couple of students around whenever I make it down to play pool.”

  • It will be if I can help you - Holland, Sat Apr 15 17:22
    Kaye’s makeup, a fantastic smoky eye and very red lips, was on point today. It wasn’t your typical daytime look—dark shadow and bright lipstick was usually reserved for a night on the town—but Kaye... more
    • I'm sure we can get creative - Kaye, Sat Apr 15 18:05
      • My favorite idea is being creative - Holland, Mon Apr 17 12:10
        “Your makeup is already on point, so I’m not gonna mess with that. If I had the supplies and knew how I’d offer to henna your scalp,” Holland said, completely serious. Kaye could rock the wigless... more
        • Kaye couldn’t help but smile wide and laugh at Holland’s suggestion. “Wait, you’d really learn how to do that?” It was clear that the older student was serious. The Aquila thought about it, and then... more
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