Frankie Munro
Swimming laps
Thu Jan 12, 2017 15:30

It was a month into the term, and Frankie Munro was bored. Cultural Studies, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Divinations were not cutting it, especially since they only class he shared with Nick was Divinations. The seventh year wondered if it was too late to ask Professor Ramirez or Professor Bennet to rejoin their classes. He had dropped Astronomy in the fourth year so probably, but he had just dropped Magizoobotany this term. There was no way he was going to step back into Boot’s classroom again; that crazy old man had it out for Frankie. Plus History of Magic bored him to tears. Ha, who was he kidding there was no way he was going to take a fourth class. No, he just needed to make his own fun.

The seventh year made his way down to the rec center in his swim trunks. It was pretty empty in the early afternoon the beginner years still in classes; thankfully he wouldn’t have to babysit. His black hair was a muss right now as he didn’t see the point in charming it in his regular slicked back way if he was just going to swimming. He laid his towel and wand down on a chair and cannonballed into the pool.

From there he began to swim laps in the pool. Frankie loved to swim had done it forever it felt like. Hell, he was pretty sure he learned to swim here while his Dad was still everything at this school. Just as Frankie was making another flip-turn, he heard a splash that through him off his pace. The grey-eyed boy stopped in place, breathing heavily and looked around to find the culprit. He smiled his bright smile at the person. “You scared me!” He explained as he dipped his head back into the water to put his hair into place.

    • Diving...dives? - Marissa Kendrick, Sat Jan 14 21:29
      Every so often, a professor would cancel class. It was one of the only times Marissa was able to fit going to the Rec Center in her schedule. The fifth year was always busy. She had classes (DADA,... more
      • Talking...talks? - Frankie, Sun Jan 15 09:18
        The person who had scared Frankie was the redhead Melissa from the party a couple of weeks ago. Her hair was braided, and for the first time, he noticed her green eyes. When she asked if his name was ... more
        • Discussing discussions! - Marissa, Mon Jan 16 11:31
          It was nice that, even though their student body was smaller than most schools she knew of, Marissa could still have a conversation with someone she didn’t know. Getting to know people was one of her ... more
          • Questioning Questions - Frankie, Sat Jan 21 07:41
            When she said she was an Aquila, it suddenly dawned on him that she was the Captain and probably Head Chaser of the Aquila Quidditch team. He had sent many a bludger at her through the years. The... more
            • Answering answers! - Marissa, Sun Jan 22 14:12
              Marissa couldn’t help but think about Quidditch for a moment while in the pool. She’d held team bonding things in the Rec Center, but it might be a good idea to hold an actual training session in the ... more
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