Sometimes creativity takes a long time
Sat May 6, 2017 21:13

Kaye couldn’t help but smile wide and laugh at Holland’s suggestion. “Wait, you’d really learn how to do that?” It was clear that the older student was serious. The Aquila thought about it, and then nodded. “We should do that sometime. Not now, but sure. I’d be into that.” She did not like showing off her bald head. Kaye was not afraid of many things; walking around bald was one of them. She briefly tried to go without a wig when she first realized what was going on, but kids were cruel. She didn’t know the people at Rocky Mountain International well enough to feel comfortable with the idea of removing her wigs. However, if Holland was involved, the Aquila could be into it.

She was also aware of how much it meant for Holland to compliment her makeup. She didn’t know much about the other student, but she did know the little bit of gossip. Holland was super talented with all of this stuff. It wasn’t just a vague compliment. Holland meant it. And that made her smile quite a bit.

“Yeah, my makeup is always on point, but I wouldn’t mind a little advice sometime,” she winked, “I’m sure you must know some trick that I don’t. And I can share some tricks with you.”

All of Holland’s reasons for picking the Rec Center made sense. She hadn’t realized picking a location for makeovers would take that much thought. Either Holland did this a lot, or they were just a really thorough, detail oriented person like that. Kaye wasn’t those things unless the problem super mattered to her. Like, she didn’t feel that way about finding the perfect study spot, but she could tell you about five easy ways to take items from Wal-Mart without getting caught.

It was a surprise to hear that the upperclass-person had a mom who developed this stuff. Now that was cool. Kaye held out one hand and grinned. “I’d love to try that nail polish. What’s your mom’s brand’s name?”

  • My favorite idea is being creative - Holland, Mon Apr 17 12:10
    “Your makeup is already on point, so I’m not gonna mess with that. If I had the supplies and knew how I’d offer to henna your scalp,” Holland said, completely serious. Kaye could rock the wigless... more
    • Sometimes creativity takes a long time - Kaye, Sat May 6 21:13
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