Marissa Kendrick
Just keep swimming! (Tag: Danny)
Sun May 7, 2017 12:07

It had been an exhausting couple of days.

Marissa had the surprising interaction with Camilla. She’d talked to Rose and Ruben almost immediately after, which had been a big mistake. After a while, it seemed like she’d calmed the two down enough to trust they wouldn’t do anything stupid as a reaction. The red head hadn’t seen this as a big deal. The words hurt more than the slap. Her cheek wasn’t going to have the small welt for long, but she wasn’t going to be able to get rid of the words as easily, especially because everyone was treating it like a huge deal.

She slept in the next morning. By the time she got herself up and dressed for breakfast in the Finer Diner, people already knew what had happened. Rose or Ruben must have told their friends. Marissa didn’t see much of a mark on her freckled cheek, so that wasn’t what was doing the telling.

Danny was waiting for her in the Diner by the time she got there. Marissa didn’t know what Rose told him about all of this, but he asked her if she was okay, hugged her, told her she didn’t deserve the Camilla drama, and then declared that he wasn’t going to leave her side. It made her laugh, and she told him that she didn’t mind being stuck with him for the foreseeable future. He made good on his promise, too. If they had class together, he partnered with her without question. They went to meals together. If they had shared a house, Marissa had no doubt that he would have followed her around the Aquila commons, too.

She’d managed to avoid Camilla all day, so when the letter appeared in her commons, it took her a little while to open it. She read it a few times, sighed, paced around her room, and read it again. Marissa was not a person who did well with conflict. Being mad – or knowing that someone was mad at her – made her stomach turn in terrible ways. It was too late to do anything about it, so Marissa decided to try and sleep away the anxiety.

That, of course, didn’t work, so the red head went down to the Rec Center as soon as she could in the morning. She’d thrown on a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and didn’t bother trying to brush her hair. She brought the letter with her. Danny was known to swim in the mornings, so she was hoping to catch him. Normally, she’d talk to Rose about this, but she’d just gotten her friend to calm down; Marissa didn’t want to rile her back up again.

“Hey,” she greeted Danny with a yawn when he arrived. She’d gotten there a little before him and sat down on one of the chairs by the pool. The red head held up the letter for him to take and read. “Camilla apologized. I should probably let her do it in person, right?”

    • When in doubt, swim it out - Dardanius Dubois, Sun May 7 16:30
      It happened a couple of times a week that Danny decided to swim before breakfast. Sometimes he was alone, sometimes there were other students there; quite often he swam with Rose. He didn’t think he... more
      • Maybe I should swim away now - Marissa, Mon May 8 19:06
        Marissa held back a small sigh. She was super aware that this was up to her; she just needed someone to talk to about it. Rose wasn’t an option right now, and she didn’t know where to find Holland... more
        • Please stay. I'll keep you afloat. - Dardanius, Tue May 9 08:55
          “I don’t think she’d slap you again,” Danny replied. Marissa’s concern was justified, considering that is exactly what had happened when the girls had last interacted, but it didn’t seem consistent... more
          • Can we use cute little floaties? - Marissa, Tue May 9 16:36
            Marissa knew Danny very well. They’d been friends since their first year at Rocky Mountain International. It happened naturally. Both of them were always happy and funny children, and the two of them ... more
            • Inflatable frogs and dolphins okay? - Danny , Wed May 10 10:40
              Wait, what? Marissa did like him that way? Danny laughed. He couldn't help it; he'd been assuming this whole time that the stomach-jolting, heart-tingling feelings had been entirely one-sided in... more
              • I'll stay for the dolphin - Marissa, Thu May 11 15:22
                He gave her a quick kiss, and it was pretty magical. Marissa was not a stranger to kisses, but they always felt like something a little more important with Danny. They were more than just fun; there... more
                • Wow. Outranked by a dolphin. - Danny, Fri May 12 06:38
                  Every word Marissa uttered made Danny smile yet more broadly - he was actually starting to become aware of the muscles in his cheeks and jaw - and his insides were doing a strange sort of dance that... more
                  • The dolphin is just an extra perk - Marissa, Tue May 16 16:08
                    Some things were becoming clear from this conversation. She and Danny definitely shared mutual feelings. Marissa knew this already, but Danny hadn’t. Now, it was common knowledge. Both of them had... more
                    • Perks are fun - Danny, Wed May 17 07:17
                      When he woke up that morning, Danny had no idea that within an hour he’d be talking with Marissa about the future of their hypothetical relationship. Whatever else happened that day, nothing could... more
                      • Lots of things are fun - Marissa, Wed May 17 10:50
                        Marissa had meant that they needed to come up with a more immediate definition of what this was, but Danny didn’t seem to reach the same conclusion. He mentioned that they had the summer to figure it ... more
                        • I feel like you're the expert on fun - Danny, Fri May 19 05:13
                          “This is okay,” Danny affirmed. More than okay, really. His skin was thrumming, his heart thudding, his arms were around Marissa. ‘Okay’ was an understatement. Admittedly this didn’t exactly fit in... more
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