Please stay. I'll keep you afloat.
Tue May 9, 2017 08:55

“I don’t think she’d slap you again,” Danny replied. Marissa’s concern was justified, considering that is exactly what had happened when the girls had last interacted, but it didn’t seem consistent with Camilla’s temperament. She had a short temper and was quick to react, which made emotionally-driven outbursts an unfortunate part of her persona, but Danny did not believe that Camilla held any lasting animosity towards Marissa. He would be very much surprised if the same events occurred a second time, but he had information on that score which Marissa did not, so Danny decided to tell her that he had spoken with Camilla. He watched for her reaction, but all he could infer was that the Aquila was uncomfortable with the situation, which he already knew.

Having admitted he could empathise with Camilla, Dardanius hadn’t be sure what to expect. He had already told Marissa that he had feelings for her that went beyond the scope of their friendship, but it was only really a problem when they were engaging in more intimate activities. Since putting a stop to that - aside from the occasional mind-shattering kiss as the result of a dare - he had managed reasonably well at returning to their original, pre-kissing friendship state. He didn’t know how she would take the reminder that he didn’t like to think about her being with anyone else.

She had grinned and teased him a little. The standard Marissa response. Danny smiled ruefully back at her, a little distracted by the motion of her hand against his as she intertwined their fingers. His hypersensitivity to her touch was the main hurdle he hadn’t yet overcome in their quest for platonic normalcy. He had given her several cuddles throughout the previous day when he felt she’d needed some comfort, and that could conceivably be regarded as an appropriate response from a friend, but hand-holding was a considerably more dubious action. He was, however, saved the trouble of over-thinking this because Marissa’s revelation about Elijah was suitably distracting.

“Then you stopped wanting to,” she said. Danny’s smile faltered. Camilla had been right; Marissa had been with EJ. More than that, it seemed as though it might not have happened if Danny hadn’t called things off with Marissa. His gaze had dropped to their interlocked digits, but his thoughts were elsewhere. The discontentment he had experienced when he was wondering if Russell had kissed Marissa was nothing compared to the dejection he felt knowing that Elijah definitely had. Danny was disappointed in himself. He had pushed Marissa away to preserve their friendship, and in a roundabout way it had somehow led to upsetting her, and Camilla, and now himself. Maybe this had been his fault, after all.

Once again, Marissa saved him from a spiral of unproductive ruminations by uttering the entirely distracting revelation that she empathized, too. About him. Danny’s eyes were drawn immediately back to hers. “What?” he asked, and somehow even before he had reached the end of the syllable he was grinning again. He was inexplicably starting to find the whole situation ridiculously amusing. “But you don’t even like me that way,” he said jovially, starting to suspect that might not be entirely accurate.

  • Maybe I should swim away now - Marissa, Mon May 8 19:06
    Marissa held back a small sigh. She was super aware that this was up to her; she just needed someone to talk to about it. Rose wasn’t an option right now, and she didn’t know where to find Holland... more
    • Please stay. I'll keep you afloat. - Dardanius, Tue May 9 08:55
      • Can we use cute little floaties? - Marissa, Tue May 9 16:36
        Marissa knew Danny very well. They’d been friends since their first year at Rocky Mountain International. It happened naturally. Both of them were always happy and funny children, and the two of them ... more
        • Inflatable frogs and dolphins okay? - Danny , Wed May 10 10:40
          Wait, what? Marissa did like him that way? Danny laughed. He couldn't help it; he'd been assuming this whole time that the stomach-jolting, heart-tingling feelings had been entirely one-sided in... more
          • I'll stay for the dolphin - Marissa, Thu May 11 15:22
            He gave her a quick kiss, and it was pretty magical. Marissa was not a stranger to kisses, but they always felt like something a little more important with Danny. They were more than just fun; there... more
            • Wow. Outranked by a dolphin. - Danny, Fri May 12 06:38
              Every word Marissa uttered made Danny smile yet more broadly - he was actually starting to become aware of the muscles in his cheeks and jaw - and his insides were doing a strange sort of dance that... more
              • The dolphin is just an extra perk - Marissa, Tue May 16 16:08
                Some things were becoming clear from this conversation. She and Danny definitely shared mutual feelings. Marissa knew this already, but Danny hadn’t. Now, it was common knowledge. Both of them had... more
                • Perks are fun - Danny, Wed May 17 07:17
                  When he woke up that morning, Danny had no idea that within an hour he’d be talking with Marissa about the future of their hypothetical relationship. Whatever else happened that day, nothing could... more
                  • Lots of things are fun - Marissa, Wed May 17 10:50
                    Marissa had meant that they needed to come up with a more immediate definition of what this was, but Danny didn’t seem to reach the same conclusion. He mentioned that they had the summer to figure it ... more
                    • I feel like you're the expert on fun - Danny, Fri May 19 05:13
                      “This is okay,” Danny affirmed. More than okay, really. His skin was thrumming, his heart thudding, his arms were around Marissa. ‘Okay’ was an understatement. Admittedly this didn’t exactly fit in... more
                      • I'm perfectly happy with that as my legacy - Marissa, Sat May 20 15:57
                        Marissa grinned and kissed him quickly. This was okay. It wasn’t ideal. Most of what Marissa knew about the pureblood world was from people who didn’t agree with it or didn’t understand it. She knew... more
                        • What's my legacy? - Danny, Mon May 22 07:41
                          “Okay.” the syllable Marissa uttered elicited mixed feelings from the Lyra. Yes, he was exceptionally content to resume the decidedly not-platonic activities of their unconventional friendship, but... more
                          • What is a legacy? - Marissa, Thu May 25 13:35
                            Suddenly, Danny didn’t seem as excited about their new arrangement as Marissa hoped he would be. Was it something I said? The red-head thought she’d come up with a good compromise. She couldn’t help... more
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