Can we use cute little floaties?
Tue May 9, 2017 16:36

Marissa knew Danny very well. They’d been friends since their first year at Rocky Mountain International. It happened naturally. Both of them were always happy and funny children, and the two of them loved to show off. It didn’t take long for them to get a little competitive; the friendship developed from there.

It wasn’t until this year that she’d developed a different kind of interest in him. Well, that wasn’t true. Once she was old enough to think he was good looking, she did, but she’d never thought of doing something about it. Things would be easier if she hadn’t changed her mind about taking action, but the easy life was a boring life. Danny had been very open about his feelings, and it wasn’t until now that Marissa realized she hadn’t been that open about hers. Maybe it was because of the conversation they’d had before midterm.

He talked about how weird dating would be for him; he had the pureblood marriage stuff to worry about. The red head never understood it, but she tried very hard to respect it. It’s not like everyone who dated in school would end up married. It was true that quite a few people who went to RMI with her parents did marry their school sweethearts – her parents included – but that didn’t mean it was the norm. Marissa could barely hold down a simple monogamous relationship; she sure as hell wasn’t thinking about marriage or the future. But Danny was, and being with her wasn’t going to be fair to him.

When she couldn’t sleep at night, when her body was too restless but it was too late to dance, she did spend her time imagining whether or not she could be that person. She got so bored over the summer when she wasn’t with Emmett. That boredom led her to break things off over a letter so she could find some other people to entertain her, but it wasn’t like she’d been extremely attracted to him in the first place. It wasn’t like how she was with Danny. Still, she didn’t know if she could keep up with a relationship with someone who cared about all of that future stuff. She thought about trying, though.

It was for all of these reasons that the red head hadn’t mentioned to Danny that she had plenty of non-platonic feelings, too. “But you don’t even like me that way.” Her green eyes blinked and she almost laughed.

“Um, I never said I didn’t. You, clearly, just assumed that.” Marissa could never be called shy, but her current smile made her look closer to shy than she’d ever been in her life. She didn’t pull her hand away from him, even though a part of her wanted to fidget a little. She wasn’t a person who had crushes or secret feelings. If Marissa thought something, for the most part, she’d just say it. This was a new experience for her.

“Of course I like you that way,” she said slowly, thoughtfully, like she didn’t want to say the wrong thing. She’d messed up more than enough over the past few days by doing that; she wasn’t interested in repeating that mistake. “But you have all of those hypotheticals you were worried about. And I…” she shifted a little uncomfortably in her seat, deciding to look at the pool instead of him. “I didn’t want to say something and make things harder for you. I doubt I’m a girl who easily fits into all of those hypotheticals.”

  • Please stay. I'll keep you afloat. - Dardanius, Tue May 9 08:55
    “I don’t think she’d slap you again,” Danny replied. Marissa’s concern was justified, considering that is exactly what had happened when the girls had last interacted, but it didn’t seem consistent... more
    • Can we use cute little floaties? - Marissa, Tue May 9 16:36
      • Inflatable frogs and dolphins okay? - Danny , Wed May 10 10:40
        Wait, what? Marissa did like him that way? Danny laughed. He couldn't help it; he'd been assuming this whole time that the stomach-jolting, heart-tingling feelings had been entirely one-sided in... more
        • I'll stay for the dolphin - Marissa, Thu May 11 15:22
          He gave her a quick kiss, and it was pretty magical. Marissa was not a stranger to kisses, but they always felt like something a little more important with Danny. They were more than just fun; there... more
          • Wow. Outranked by a dolphin. - Danny, Fri May 12 06:38
            Every word Marissa uttered made Danny smile yet more broadly - he was actually starting to become aware of the muscles in his cheeks and jaw - and his insides were doing a strange sort of dance that... more
            • The dolphin is just an extra perk - Marissa, Tue May 16 16:08
              Some things were becoming clear from this conversation. She and Danny definitely shared mutual feelings. Marissa knew this already, but Danny hadn’t. Now, it was common knowledge. Both of them had... more
              • Perks are fun - Danny, Wed May 17 07:17
                When he woke up that morning, Danny had no idea that within an hour he’d be talking with Marissa about the future of their hypothetical relationship. Whatever else happened that day, nothing could... more
                • Lots of things are fun - Marissa, Wed May 17 10:50
                  Marissa had meant that they needed to come up with a more immediate definition of what this was, but Danny didn’t seem to reach the same conclusion. He mentioned that they had the summer to figure it ... more
                  • I feel like you're the expert on fun - Danny, Fri May 19 05:13
                    “This is okay,” Danny affirmed. More than okay, really. His skin was thrumming, his heart thudding, his arms were around Marissa. ‘Okay’ was an understatement. Admittedly this didn’t exactly fit in... more
                    • I'm perfectly happy with that as my legacy - Marissa, Sat May 20 15:57
                      Marissa grinned and kissed him quickly. This was okay. It wasn’t ideal. Most of what Marissa knew about the pureblood world was from people who didn’t agree with it or didn’t understand it. She knew... more
                      • What's my legacy? - Danny, Mon May 22 07:41
                        “Okay.” the syllable Marissa uttered elicited mixed feelings from the Lyra. Yes, he was exceptionally content to resume the decidedly not-platonic activities of their unconventional friendship, but... more
                        • What is a legacy? - Marissa, Thu May 25 13:35
                          Suddenly, Danny didn’t seem as excited about their new arrangement as Marissa hoped he would be. Was it something I said? The red-head thought she’d come up with a good compromise. She couldn’t help... more
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