Marissa Kendrick
Sat Jan 14, 2017 21:29

Every so often, a professor would cancel class. It was one of the only times Marissa was able to fit going to the Rec Center in her schedule. The fifth year was always busy. She had classes (DADA, Potions, Spellwork, and Cultural Studies), she’d decided to be in the show this year since it was dance heavy, was Quidditch Captain for Aquila, and took dance classes on Pearl Street. Plus, Marissa had parties to plan and mayhem to cause. Even though she enjoyed swimming, she found herself choosing other things over going to the Rec Center.

When she found out her early afternoon class was cancelled, Marissa grabbed some iced coffee to go from the Finer Diner, and then made her way to Aquila. Once in her and Rose’s room, Marissa turned on one of her playlists (Thank you Aaron for charming all of my things.) and began the process of getting ready to go to the pool. It took her a while to get her wild red hair into a French braid. She used to try and stuff all of her hair into a swim cap, but it just didn’t fit. Plus, the swim caps were really tight, and she didn’t want to end up with a headache after she was done.

She pulled her favorite swimsuit out of her dresser, smiling and swaying to the music while she did so. It was very simple: a black one piece with a mesh, sheer top from just above the chest and up, and a bare back. She’d contemplated two pieces every year, but she kept going back to one pieces. There was just something about them being so comfortingly similar to leotards.

Finally, she used a quick charm to make her makeup waterproof and headed out the door, iced coffee in hand. Before she left, she erased what had been written on the whiteboard by their door and wrote to Rose, Class got cancelled. Swimming at Rec. See you at dinner!. She also gave Sammy, Rose’s cat, a quick scratch behind the ears and a promise of straw wrappers from the Finer Diner before closing the door.

She couldn’t remember if she turned off her music or not once she was halfway to the Rec Center. Rose would probably turn it off for her.

Her iced coffee was more melted ice than delicious beverage by the time she made it to the Rec Center, so she set it by one of the chairs near the pool. She’d like to believe that future Marissa would remember to pick up the cup and bring it back to the Diner, but it wasn’t likely that that would happen.

Marissa made her way to the edge of the pool. She went to the end where it was deep enough to safely dive. “Okay, let’s see if you can still do this. One, two, three…” Marissa took a deep breath and then entered the water headfirst. She made a louder splash than she was supposed to, since she was pretty rusty. She used to swim all the time before going to RMI. She liked to think that, if she hadn’t gone to a magical school, she’d be on a swim team.

When she resurfaced, she found herself almost face to face with another student. “You scared me!” Frankie Munroe said with a bright smile. Marissa smiled back, carefully treading water. She and Frankie had basically never interacted, but she at least knew of the older student. Marissa was definitely a conspiracy theorist when it came to students, so she usually found herself wondering if Frankie and Nick, who she sometimes saw in passing at the dance studio, were secretly a thing.

She was pretty sure that bromance had a little more to it.

“Hi, sorry,” she blinked her green eyes to try and keep the water out of them, “I didn’t realize someone else was swimming, either.” She stopped treading water with one of her hands and touched her braid to make sure it was still in place. “Frankie, right? You were at my party a couple weeks ago.” She’d definitely noticed him then, with that open shirt, and she definitely noticed how shirtless he was now.

Stop getting distracted, Marissa.

“Marissa. We’ve been in classes together and stuff, but I don’t think we’ve ever actually had a conversation,” she laughed, “How did we manage that?”

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