Perks are fun
Wed May 17, 2017 07:17

When he woke up that morning, Danny had no idea that within an hour he’d be talking with Marissa about the future of their hypothetical relationship. Whatever else happened that day, nothing could take this away from him, this feeling that tingled his fingertips and toes, that this incredibly beautiful girl wanted him to play a more intimate role in her life. Despite their obvious incompatibilities, and despite the summer break looming ahead of them like an expansive void to be surmounted without each other’s company, he was hopeful they would be able to find some solution that would satisfy them both. Admittedly he wasn’t thinking clearly right at that moment. Marissa was still talking, but Danny was finding it yet harder than usual to focus on her words; he had made the mistake of looking at her mouth and it was incredibly distracting.

“Yes,” he nodded in agreement, only dimly aware of what he was agreeing to. “We can take the summer to figure out what that means,” he mumbled, leaning closer to Marissa, drawn towards her as if by an invisible but powerful force. Maybe she had meant they could decide on it now, but Danny really thought they had already spent far too long talking. “To think about what we want,” he clarified, his voice low. He knew what he wanted. He wanted to kiss her again.

Danny was certain they’d said all that was necessary at this point, and his face was already closer to hers than he’d remembered it being, so he angled his head and pressed his lips against Marissa’s a second time that morning, then a third. Then a fourth. It was incredible; the knowledge he now possessed - that maybe Marissa felt the same way about him as Danny felt about her - afforded him a whole different experience to when Dardanius had believed his feelings were one-sided. He now had to contend with the promise of possibility, and the additional enticement of emotion. It was exhilarating, both daunting and exciting. Not to mention excessively appealing to his ego.

He wanted to be closer, but they were still both sitting on the chairs by the pool and that wasn’t very conducive to comfortable making out, apparently. Danny drew back enough just to stand, and he gently guided Marissa to join him. At the start of the year they had been closer in height, but Danny spared half a second to notice he was a little taller now. The half-second passed, and he kissed Marissa again. He finally released her hand, but only to wrap her arms around her instead, achieving the closeness he had sought.

  • The dolphin is just an extra perk - Marissa, Tue May 16 16:08
    Some things were becoming clear from this conversation. She and Danny definitely shared mutual feelings. Marissa knew this already, but Danny hadn’t. Now, it was common knowledge. Both of them had... more
    • Perks are fun - Danny, Wed May 17 07:17
      • Lots of things are fun - Marissa, Wed May 17 10:50
        Marissa had meant that they needed to come up with a more immediate definition of what this was, but Danny didn’t seem to reach the same conclusion. He mentioned that they had the summer to figure it ... more
        • I feel like you're the expert on fun - Danny, Fri May 19 05:13
          “This is okay,” Danny affirmed. More than okay, really. His skin was thrumming, his heart thudding, his arms were around Marissa. ‘Okay’ was an understatement. Admittedly this didn’t exactly fit in... more
          • I'm perfectly happy with that as my legacy - Marissa, Sat May 20 15:57
            Marissa grinned and kissed him quickly. This was okay. It wasn’t ideal. Most of what Marissa knew about the pureblood world was from people who didn’t agree with it or didn’t understand it. She knew... more
            • What's my legacy? - Danny, Mon May 22 07:41
              “Okay.” the syllable Marissa uttered elicited mixed feelings from the Lyra. Yes, he was exceptionally content to resume the decidedly not-platonic activities of their unconventional friendship, but... more
              • What is a legacy? - Marissa, Thu May 25 13:35
                Suddenly, Danny didn’t seem as excited about their new arrangement as Marissa hoped he would be. Was it something I said? The red-head thought she’d come up with a good compromise. She couldn’t help... more
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