Lots of things are fun
Wed May 17, 2017 10:50

Marissa had meant that they needed to come up with a more immediate definition of what this was, but Danny didn’t seem to reach the same conclusion. He mentioned that they had the summer to figure it out. The red head thought that the summer was part of the problem and wanted to know how that was going to factor in to what they were doing right now. It was really hard to focus on this, though, when he was suddenly super close. There was almost no distance between them. All the energy she’d been using to keep up the conversation, and to not give in and kiss him, seemed wasted.

“Yeah, we can figure it out,” she agreed with a sweet smile, “We’ll just go with the flow for now.”

She didn’t get a chance to say anything else, which was probably for the best. Knowing her luck lately, she’d just ruin it if she got to talk more. They were kissing now, and that was something Marissa Kendrick knew she wasn’t going to screw up. She really had tried to have a mature conversation about the nature of their relationship. Progress was made; Holland would be proud of them. Kissing was a natural reward for this whole thing, and they were good at it. Like, really good. They seemed to get better at it every time.

Practice totally makes perfect. She smiled, which made it a little harder to keep kissing Danny, but she didn’t care. Just when the chairs were getting a little too uncomfortable to continue, the Lyra stood, and Marissa was quick to join him. It was like he’d read her mind. She quickly noticed one of the more lounge-y chairs nearby and was going to suggest that, but Danny seemed pretty content to make out and stand. There was a height difference – she was pretty sure he’d gotten taller since they first kissed – but it didn’t bother her too much. It was kind of nice, actually.

With her hand now free, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled herself as close as she could. This was not how she’d imagined her morning turning out. It definitely wasn’t what she expected from all the drama she’d dealt with over the last couple of days. Maybe this could be the happy conclusion: Camilla apologized, she and Danny got together, and they could all move past that one moment on the Pitch. It would be really easy to accept Camilla’s apology now; Marissa had nothing to feel bad about.

After a little while of this, Marissa seemed to regain some of her control. Approximately two controls, if it was something that could be numerically measured. She pulled away just enough to smile up at him before kissing his cheek, stopping just by his ear.

“This is okay?” As much as she wanted to make Other Suggestions, the part of her that had found the small bit of control remembered that Danny was quite a bit more reserved than her when it came to all of this. So she didn’t point out the lounge chair nearby or remind him that there was a secret passageway just behind the waterfall that they could use to their full advantage. Marissa was very happy where she was, but if he was uncomfortable, she wanted to know. If this very complicated thing was going to work out, they needed to talk to each other. “It’s definitely not how I thought my morning was going to go.”

  • Perks are fun - Danny, Wed May 17 07:17
    When he woke up that morning, Danny had no idea that within an hour he’d be talking with Marissa about the future of their hypothetical relationship. Whatever else happened that day, nothing could... more
    • Lots of things are fun - Marissa, Wed May 17 10:50
      • I feel like you're the expert on fun - Danny, Fri May 19 05:13
        “This is okay,” Danny affirmed. More than okay, really. His skin was thrumming, his heart thudding, his arms were around Marissa. ‘Okay’ was an understatement. Admittedly this didn’t exactly fit in... more
        • I'm perfectly happy with that as my legacy - Marissa, Sat May 20 15:57
          Marissa grinned and kissed him quickly. This was okay. It wasn’t ideal. Most of what Marissa knew about the pureblood world was from people who didn’t agree with it or didn’t understand it. She knew... more
          • What's my legacy? - Danny, Mon May 22 07:41
            “Okay.” the syllable Marissa uttered elicited mixed feelings from the Lyra. Yes, he was exceptionally content to resume the decidedly not-platonic activities of their unconventional friendship, but... more
            • What is a legacy? - Marissa, Thu May 25 13:35
              Suddenly, Danny didn’t seem as excited about their new arrangement as Marissa hoped he would be. Was it something I said? The red-head thought she’d come up with a good compromise. She couldn’t help... more
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