What's my legacy?
Mon May 22, 2017 07:41

“Okay.” the syllable Marissa uttered elicited mixed feelings from the Lyra. Yes, he was exceptionally content to resume the decidedly not-platonic activities of their unconventional friendship, but he wasn’t confident he would be able to deal with it any better than he had before. His confidence withered further as Marissa suggested her compromise, of discussing any other potential interests. That sounded awful.

“Sure,” Dardanius agreed, because this was the middle ground they had been trying to identify: a non-exclusive romance that included some identifying features of something more serious. He suspected that actually he might prefer not to know if Marissa was planning to pursue other people. Personally he didn't have any interest in anyone else (which wasn't to say that if another girl expressed an interest in him it would be unwelcome, but he honestly couldn't imagine kissing anyone else while he was in any sort of arrangement - no matter how casual - with Marissa. Or anyone else, for that matter. It hadn't felt right before; it wouldn't feel right on a subsequent occasion, he was relatively certain) but Marissa had only that morning admitted to something with EJ. Danny wondered whether that was recent history or ongoing, and if the latter, whether that would be still be case after this morning.

Despite its best efforts to force its way to the forefront of his consciousness, Danny did not want to deal with the question of how he would respond if Marissa came to him for - what, permission? Acceptance? - whatever she was asking for, about EJ. ‘A genuine reason for being uncomfortable’ … what did that even mean? Maybe this compromise was worse than strictly casual, after all. Danny honestly couldn't envisage a scenario where he would honestly be okay with Marissa kissing specific other people; he could embrace the concept in its abstract but his acceptance was limited. Yet that didn't feel like something Danny could admit to her, considering he had been the one to initiate their kissing just now, and then he had been the one who suggested a casual relationship. Wow he had made a mess for himself real quickly. Why did his brain decided to abandon him at times when he clearly needed its input?

“Is there anyone?” He found himself asking, instead of dropping the subject and leaving it well alone in the hope that he somehow managed to get to the end of the term without its ever arising again for further consideration. he was pleased to note that he just sounded curious, and not hurt or jealous or any other errant emotion that might ruin what had so far been pleasantly devoid of awkwardness, despite its heart-rate raising content. “Anyone else you want to be doing things with right now?” He supposed he might as well know sooner rather than later, and attempt not to overthink hypotheticals (he would do that anyway, so best not to give himself any further cause).

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    • What's my legacy? - Danny, Mon May 22 07:41
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        Suddenly, Danny didn’t seem as excited about their new arrangement as Marissa hoped he would be. Was it something I said? The red-head thought she’d come up with a good compromise. She couldn’t help... more
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