What is a legacy?
Thu May 25, 2017 13:35

Suddenly, Danny didn’t seem as excited about their new arrangement as Marissa hoped he would be. Was it something I said? The red-head thought she’d come up with a good compromise. She couldn’t help it; most of her thoughts were about the summer. She didn’t want to be the one to limit what he could and could not do at all of his pureblood parties over the summer. And she wasn’t interested in not being able to have fun over her summer break. She didn’t plan on going crazy at her dance camp or anything, but Marissa was the type of person who’d try anything once. People knew her for that. She didn’t want to suddenly not be able to do that!

She tried to put herself in his shoes. Maybe Danny didn’t plan on trying stuff with other people over the summer? Marissa didn’t mind sharing. Well, as far as she knew, she didn’t mind sharing. Danny might not feel the same way. This compromise they suddenly came up with was really for her benefit, then. No wonder he didn’t seem as enthusiastic as she felt. What was this new arrangement going to do for him that the previous one didn’t?

“Is there anyone? Anyone else you want to be doing things with right now?”

There was the real question; that’s what Danny wanted to know. The two were still attached to each other. She stood on her toes, just a little to even out the height difference, and shook her head. They were close enough that her nose brushed against his when she moved, accidentally giving Danny a cute little Eskimo kiss.

“Nope,” she answered truthfully, “No one else. It’s just you.” When she made out with Elijah, it was mostly because she wasn’t making out with Danny anymore. And the fact that she even considered meeting up with Ethan was also because of having no one else to kiss. “It’s just been you for a while.”

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