Sun Jan 15, 2017 09:18

The person who had scared Frankie was the redhead Melissa from the party a couple of weeks ago. Her hair was braided, and for the first time, he noticed her green eyes. When she asked if his name was Frankie, he laughed a bit. The seventh year assumed everyone knew his name, not because he was famous but because he was usually the loudest person, anywhere. Plus he did tend to be boisterous all the time.

When she said her name, he smiled again, this time glad he hadn’t called her Melissa. To his credit he had gotten it almost right. “Yeah, Frankie, Frankie Munro. It’s nice to officially meet you, Marissa.” She mentioned being in classes with him and how they never actually had a conversation.

He looked a bit sheepish at her. “To tell you the truth I usually paired up with Nick in years first to fourth and you aren’t in Lyra, so it makes sense.” Frankie at least hoped he wasn’t so dense to miss the redhead in the Lyra common room. He knew he wasn’t the smartest kid in the school, but he couldn’t have missed the bright hair right?

The seventh year moved, so his back was against the pool wall. His gray eyes looked over the fifth year girl. She was cute, but Frankie considered anyone under the sixth year too young for him. After all, that person who have two years left at RMI and long distance never worked. So Frankie decided to skip the heartache and never date. There would be plenty of time for dating once he left RMI.

  • Diving...dives? - Marissa Kendrick, Sat Jan 14 21:29
    Every so often, a professor would cancel class. It was one of the only times Marissa was able to fit going to the Rec Center in her schedule. The fifth year was always busy. She had classes (DADA,... more
    • Talking...talks? - Frankie, Sun Jan 15 09:18
      • Discussing discussions! - Marissa, Mon Jan 16 11:31
        It was nice that, even though their student body was smaller than most schools she knew of, Marissa could still have a conversation with someone she didn’t know. Getting to know people was one of her ... more
        • Questioning Questions - Frankie, Sat Jan 21 07:41
          When she said she was an Aquila, it suddenly dawned on him that she was the Captain and probably Head Chaser of the Aquila Quidditch team. He had sent many a bludger at her through the years. The... more
          • Answering answers! - Marissa, Sun Jan 22 14:12
            Marissa couldn’t help but think about Quidditch for a moment while in the pool. She’d held team bonding things in the Rec Center, but it might be a good idea to hold an actual training session in the ... more
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