Well I hope it's not contagious
Wed Aug 23, 2017 09:22

“They forgot?” Dade asked incredulously. What kind of parents forgot to send their kids to school? To magical school, nonetheless. Kids who didn’t go to magical school had all sorts of issues starting with oh, he didn’t know, being completely unable to control their magic. Admittedly, magical school hadn’t helped Rose very much with her accidental magic but that was something that both Dade and Connor knew not to say anything about; Dade because he loved his sister and would do anything she said, and Connor because he was a little bit scared of Rose. Dade thought that was funny. Rose could definitely be scary for other people, but he knew she would never hurt him or Connor. Even when she got mad all she did was yell and chase them around the house until someone stopped them and she got mad at the person who stopped them instead.

No, that was too ridiculous. Nobody’s parents would forget to send them to school. How could you just forget about your kid?

“Stop lying,” the Cetus said instead, scowling at the newcomer. “That’s not even a good lie.” And it wasn’t. Dade didn’t like it when people lied, but he liked it even less when their lies made no sense. Besides, there was probably some sort of authority that made people send their kids to school if they ‘forgot’ or whatever. There were people who explained about magical school to Muggles, so he was pretty sure that explaining to magical parents that was important to send their children to school was also a thing, albeit a less commonly used thing because what sort of idiots decided not to send their kids to school?

His eyes flicked down at his goggles again. Dade kind of wanted to retrieve them, but he also didn’t want to duck under water in front of this kid who was clearly both stupid and untrustworthy. Who knew what Silas would do?

  • I'm just happy! - Silas, Wed Aug 23 09:07
    Silas blinked at how Dade said no. He may have been raised in the forests and jungles of this world, but he knew when people had that tone no good came from it. Silas watched as Dade looked down for... more
    • Well I hope it's not contagious - Dade, Wed Aug 23 09:22
      • It is. *Rubs all over you* - Silas, Wed Aug 23 11:07
        Silas smiled when Dade repeated that his parents had forgotten. He laughed when Dade told him to stop lying and how it wasn’t even a good lie. “Hand to Merlin. We were hunting a Yeti in Tibet, and... more
        • Um. Yuck? - Dade, Sat Aug 26 07:13
          ‘Wildlife of the World’ didn’t sound like anything that Dade recognized, but the second year realized that this kid expected him to. Admittedly, it wasn’t as if Dade was connected very strongly to... more
          • Admit it, you love it. - Silas, Sun Aug 27 21:33
            Silas watched as the kid bent over oddly and retrieved his goggles. The way Dade had said that he could do it seemed like he was afraid that Silas would steal them or something. Why would the grey... more
            • Definitely not - Dade, Sat Sep 9 06:50
              “That’s stupid,” Silas was asking him about how long he’d been at RMI, but Dade was fixated on the idea of a black Yeti. “The whole point of Yetis is that they’re white and blend into the snow.... more
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