Um. Yuck?
Sat Aug 26, 2017 07:13

‘Wildlife of the World’ didn’t sound like anything that Dade recognized, but the second year realized that this kid expected him to. Admittedly, it wasn’t as if Dade was connected very strongly to the wizarding community. His family was relatively solitary and aside from some trips to Diagon Alley, he didn’t get out very much. Part of that was personal preference; Dade preferred to spend time in the library playing wizard’s chess or something to going out and interacting with people. Part of it was that Connor was clearly their father’s favorite when it came to going out in the world and showing proper pureblood face. Dade had no problem with that when it came down to it. He didn’t want to have to do that sort of thing, and Rose didn’t either, so Connor it was. And Connor seemed to like it well enough, so he figured that it worked out. But whatever, he didn’t know what the wildlife thing was and he honestly kind of didn’t care.

Silas also said he wasn’t lying, and with the addition of the information of the Yeti in Tibet, Dade was actually inclined to believe him just because any parents who thought that chasing a Yeti was a good trip to take kids on. But also, how hard could it be to find a Yeti? Muggles did it all the time, they’d learned about that in Magizoobotany.

About to comment on that, Dade’s line of thought was interrupted by Silas offering to get his goggles. His hazel eyes narrowed as he scanned the boy who was way too close in proximity to him.

“I can do it,” Dade said stiffly, bending over and ducking into the pool. His eyes were scrunched closed in order to avoid getting the water in them, so it took him a moment of feeling around to get the goggles, but he did feel the rubber against his fingertips and grabbed them. Dade stood back up and scrubbed his eyes in an attempt to dry them off before opening them. Then he stuck his goggles in his pocket to prevent them from ending up at the bottom of the pool again. And that left him awkwardly standing in front of the new kid with nothing left to talk about. Dade didn’t really want to leave, he wanted to keep spending time in the pool, but this kid was there so he didn’t feel comfortable going down the slide again. He hated people seeing him do things like that.

“So you did homeschooling while you chased Yetis?” Dade asked. He had wanted to try homeschooling but Rose had wanted them to go to RMI instead. Because Rose had wanted it, Dade hadn’t put up much of a fuss. “That sounds better than here,” he paused, “except not the Yeti part. That’s what Muggle tourists do.” Not that Dade had ever been to Tibet.

  • It is. *Rubs all over you* - Silas, Wed Aug 23 11:07
    Silas smiled when Dade repeated that his parents had forgotten. He laughed when Dade told him to stop lying and how it wasn’t even a good lie. “Hand to Merlin. We were hunting a Yeti in Tibet, and... more
    • Um. Yuck? - Dade, Sat Aug 26 07:13
      • Admit it, you love it. - Silas, Sun Aug 27 21:33
        Silas watched as the kid bent over oddly and retrieved his goggles. The way Dade had said that he could do it seemed like he was afraid that Silas would steal them or something. Why would the grey... more
        • Definitely not - Dade, Sat Sep 9 06:50
          “That’s stupid,” Silas was asking him about how long he’d been at RMI, but Dade was fixated on the idea of a black Yeti. “The whole point of Yetis is that they’re white and blend into the snow.... more
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