Admit it, you love it.
Sun Aug 27, 2017 21:33

Silas watched as the kid bent over oddly and retrieved his goggles. The way Dade had said that he could do it seemed like he was afraid that Silas would steal them or something. Why would the grey eyed boy take his goggles? If everyone at RMI was going to be this weird, he wasn’t sure he wanted to stay here. He knew his parents wanted him stay over the winter holidays, but he wondered if he could convince them by December to remove him from the school altogether.

Silas smiled when Dade asked about homeschooling. “Yeah, Mom showed me how to do spells, and I had to owl in essays and exams from time to time. It was pretty nice.” Silas had enjoyed that schooling. He liked looking for the Yeti more, but it had still been fun.

When Dade said that Muggle tourists looked for the Yeti, Silas laughed. “Muggles chase fake Yetis in America. We were in Tibet looking for the rare fifteen foot black Yeti.” The newly minted Second Year loved studying magical creatures and found the Tibetan Yeti to be endlessly fascinating.

“Have you been at RMI since your first year?” Silas asked as he swam over the edge of the swimming pool, putting just a bit more space between him and Dade.

  • Um. Yuck? - Dade, Sat Aug 26 07:13
    ‘Wildlife of the World’ didn’t sound like anything that Dade recognized, but the second year realized that this kid expected him to. Admittedly, it wasn’t as if Dade was connected very strongly to... more
    • Admit it, you love it. - Silas, Sun Aug 27 21:33
      • Definitely not - Dade, Sat Sep 9 06:50
        “That’s stupid,” Silas was asking him about how long he’d been at RMI, but Dade was fixated on the idea of a black Yeti. “The whole point of Yetis is that they’re white and blend into the snow.... more
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