Marley Chapman
Best friends, even!
Wed Aug 30, 2017 22:04

Marley had literally never gone shopping for nail polish before she’d gone with Claudia. Well, okay, fine, almost literally never - she had to go on Pearl Street before Halloween to get neon-yellow nail polish as part of her costume, but that had been literally the first time and she hadn’t even gone to a proper makeup store. Nope, she’d just wandered into Hot Topic, because she knew she couldn’t afford any of their clothes but she figured nail polish had to be cheap, and she was right, because it was like only a few dollars and it was an even brighter neon-yellow than she had expected. Of course, then she’d worn it to the Halloween party and on the Haunted Trail a big fuzzy spider had jumped on her hand twice and touched her nails with its big fuzzy leg(s) (she wasn’t sure if it was only one leg or two or all of them because um why would she waste time counting its legs).

She hadn’t thought she would bring the neon-yellow with her today, but the memory of the spider had fortunately faded enough that she could. Marley gave her friend a wide smile when she walked into the Rec Centre and spotted her at one of the tables. “Hi!” With a quiet clatter, she plonked down the small box in which she’d been carrying her nail polishes and then plonked herself down in the chair opposite Claudia. Along with the neon-yellow from Hot Topic was a bright purple and Lyra-green she had bought at the proper makeup store with Claudia, and then there were three fancier bottles which Holland had super nicely loaned her. One of them was a colour-changing rainbow polish, one of them was also colour-changing-rainbow except glittery, and the last one was literally just solid glitter and sparkles and looked like what she imagined that old Shiny Disco Balls song to be about. Marley had never seen a disco ball in Real Life, but it probably looked exactly like this nail polish.

Wait, they were gonna paint each other’s nails? Well, that was probably a good thing, she decided after a very brief moment of thought. Painting her own nails for Halloween had been hard; it had taken her forever to wash the polish off her fingers where she’d made a mess. (Cue thanks to Holland, again, for explaining that there was a special nail polish remover which was, like, seriously way better than soap and water. She still couldn’t believe it wasn’t real magic!) Marley nodded energetically, hair bouncing as she absently played with the hem of her thrifted yellow sweater not really a sweater ‘cause it wasn’t warm but not a shirt, either. It was another Halloween purchase and she had quickly decided to wear it outside of Halloween, too, because it was awesome. “Yeah, okay! Ummm.” Brown eyes stared at the seemingly endless variety of options in front of her. There was a solid minute of rare silence before she giggled to herself and asked Claudia, “D’you think you could do, like, a different nail in every colour? It’s so hard to choose; I feel like I have to try them all!”

  • See, I have friends (Tag Marley) - Claudia Dubois, Tue Aug 29 09:43
    It had taken them a while, mostly because Claudia had needed to delay their trip to Pearl Street so she could be comfortable and familiar with the destination before visiting with Marley, but the two ... more
    • Best friends, even! - Marley Chapman, Wed Aug 30 22:04
      • A fine accomplishment - Claudia, Fri Sep 1 16:46
        Claudia felt a little betrayed by her own thoughts as she cheerfully realized that she had found a way to make Marley stop talking. The silence was peculiar, but it afforded Claudia a moment to... more
        • I'm definitely happy with it - Marley, Mon Sep 4 23:35
          Marley beamed widely, delighted in equal parts with Claudia’s agreeable response and her compliment. “Thank you!” This, too, was directed at both of her friend’s statements. She wasn’t expecting at... more
          • You could do better - Claudia, Tue Sep 5 16:24
            Claudia was pleased that Marley liked the way she had sorted the colours, although she wasn’t sure quite what to make of the following comment. Did Claudia really have a good eye for color? She... more
            • Nope, this is perfect - Marley , Fri Sep 8 00:17
              Her declaration that balls were fairy-tale-esque was laughed off by Claudia. Marley giggled in response, shaking her head automatically before remembering that she was trying to keep her hands still... more
              • Perfection is overrated - Claudia, Fri Sep 8 10:02
                It quickly became apparent that Claudia had blushed and Marley had noticed. The blonde ducked her head further, hoping to ward off any questions on the topic. She really ought to have known better... more
                • Marley couldn’t honestly say that she’d expected Claudia to bounce up-and-down in her seat and immediately agree to find a cute boy to dance with, but she had been hoping for something a little more... more
                  • Your funeral - Claudia, Sat Sep 9 14:42
                    Marley started to push for more information, which Claudia really didn’t appreciate. She tried to keep her expression neutral but she wasn’t at all comfortable being questioned like that. Even if the ... more
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