Momoka Saito
Ugh -- As If!
Sun Jan 15, 2017 21:56

Momoka didn’t enjoy being cooped up in her dormitory. The decorations and living arrangements were practically medieval, all about ‘community’ and ‘bonding’ and ‘cozy’. Ugh. Please. Anyone who knew anything about the finer things in life knew that ‘cozy’ was just another synonym for ‘couldn’t-afford-anything-better’. Additionally, there was nothing there but a bunch of bright-eyed and bushy-tailed eleven year olds, most of them in awe of the common room. Yes, Momoka was eleven too, but it didn’t stop her from condescending down towards the few first-years who hadn’t experienced much magic in their lives. She wasn’t one for manners, but was better bred than to yell at her fellow schoolmates for playing around. With a huff, she decided she had better prospects spending her time in the rec center -- at least there, perhaps she could finally finish double-checking her spellwork. Momoka glanced quickly in a mirror to assess her appearance, mentally checking off her laundry-list of requirements: dark hair neat, tasteful robes in impeccable condition, pink nails manicured, creamy beige shoes shined. She made her way towards the center, pace never exceeding a cool saunter, perfectly aligned assignments clutched towards her chest.

When she finally arrived, she wasn’t impressed. If she would have wanted to go to a onsen, she wouldn’t have come here for it -- all plastic waterslides and cheap-looking accommodations. Momoka steeled herself. She would have to learn to accommodate herself to these Spartan circumst-- who was she kidding. This was absolutely dismal. Barely managing to withhold her distaste, she walked carefully over to the tables at the far end, avoiding the shallow puddles of water collecting on the floor. Momoka vaguely brushed off her seat, and quickly murmured a basic charm to clean the remaining offending dirt off of the table and seat. There was the smallest shift in light, and then -- nothing. Her nose wrinkled. Fine. Whatever. She huffed and placed a towel down on the chair from nearby. She certainly wasn’t going to have any sort of filth dirty her clothes -- not like she couldn’t afford to replace them, but out of principle. Irritated, Momoka opened her work and began checking it carefully again, until she felt somebody brush up against her chair.

“Watch where you’re going, or are you too busy being blind to notice?” she snapped, whipping her head to turn towards her offender, dark eyes glinting and the splatter of freckles on her nose standing out more prominently.

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