Perfection is overrated
Fri Sep 8, 2017 10:02

It quickly became apparent that Claudia had blushed and Marley had noticed. The blonde ducked her head further, hoping to ward off any questions on the topic. She really ought to have known better than that. After only a brief deviation onto the topic of makeup (Claudia was keen to note that Marley was interested in wearing make up too; maybe they could make these beauty sessions more of a regular occurrence and try out new styles and looks with each other… she was getting ahead of herself.) Marley encouraged Claudia to dance at the ball and tell her all about it.

Claudia wasn't sure what had given her friend the impression that she might gossip about anything at all, let alone her own private affairs, but she supposed it was inevitable that she would dance with a boy. It would probably be okay to tell Marley about it afterwards. Although now she suspected she was going to be more aware of the details than normal so she was able to recount them, and she was therefore more likely to overthink insignificant details, and that would probably make her more anxious, and now Claudia was wishing she'd never said anything to Marley about it at all. She mumbled something incoherent that might have sounded like, “Sure, if anyone asks me.”

It wasn't over. Marley wanted more details about this crush that didn't really exist, and Claudia was ready to deny it, but then Marley said, “I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours.” Claudia couldn't help it; she didn't care how vulgar it was to be curious about other people’s personal lives, she wanted to know if Marley had a secret crush. Maybe on a boy at home, or maybe even on someone here at school? Oh Marley was still talking, as ever. Now she was considering why she didn't get invited to balls. In the short silence that followed, Claudia idly imagined bringing Marley along with her. They could dress her up in a gown, do something with her hair, tell everyone her family was from Europe and Canada… she would make for an entertaining diversion…

“Go on?” Claudia repeated. She'd been distracted by her own musings. “Oh, right.” She remembered the prior conversation. “Well,” she concentrated on painting nails and considered telling Marley that actually she'd just been attracted to the way some of the boys at school made her feel like she was worth something, except that was not only pathetic, but also she knew Marley would never leave it alone. Still she could feel the blush creeping back, so she needed to think of something to say. “I guess there is a guy who is kind of cute.”

While to the outsider she was concentrating diligently on Marley’s nails, Claudia was trying desperately to think of someone she considered even remotely attractive. Nathaniel Fontenot came to mind, although was closer to Danny’s age - which would be an acceptable age difference if she were older herself, but she was only thirteen, and he was practically an adult, and so the age difference right now was sort of creepy - he was undeniably inoffensive to view. He would do as her fake crush, Claudia supposed; it wasn't a lie, it just wasn't the whole truth. “He -” she didn't want to say his name, because Marley talked a lot and Claudia couldn't take the chance that the misinformation might make it back to the wrong people (or to any people, really), “has dark eyes.” Well that could be anyone. Which would be okay except she wanted to know about Marley’s crush. “I can't tell you anything else,” she said, wondering why she was telling such unimportant falsehoods. She usually only lied when she was too anxious to do anything else, not because she wanted to discover something from Marley that her friend would probably tell her anyway, if Claudia just asked. At least she hadn't gone into unnecessary detail.

“Okay, your turn,” Claudia said, meaning both the polishes and the conversation. “Well, you should probably let your nails dry first,” she amended. “While we wait you could maybe tell me … whatever it is you want to tell me.”

  • Nope, this is perfect - Marley , Fri Sep 8 00:17
    Her declaration that balls were fairy-tale-esque was laughed off by Claudia. Marley giggled in response, shaking her head automatically before remembering that she was trying to keep her hands still... more
    • Perfection is overrated - Claudia, Fri Sep 8 10:02
      • Marley couldn’t honestly say that she’d expected Claudia to bounce up-and-down in her seat and immediately agree to find a cute boy to dance with, but she had been hoping for something a little more... more
        • Your funeral - Claudia, Sat Sep 9 14:42
          Marley started to push for more information, which Claudia really didn’t appreciate. She tried to keep her expression neutral but she wasn’t at all comfortable being questioned like that. Even if the ... more
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