Definitely not
Sat Sep 9, 2017 06:50

“That’s stupid,” Silas was asking him about how long he’d been at RMI, but Dade was fixated on the idea of a black Yeti. “The whole point of Yetis is that they’re white and blend into the snow. What’s the point of having a black Yeti? And why do you even have to look for it? It would stand out because it’s black,” Dade said, as though Silas (and his family) was stupid. Seriously, how would a black Yeti even survive long enough to be found? It would probably get caught and eaten whatever a Yeti predator was. They’d learned about camouflage in Magizoobotany. And predators. Dade wasn’t particularly interested in animals, although he did like his sister’s cat and kind of wanted his own. Not that he’d ever be allowed to have one - Charlene and her mother were allergic. It wouldn’t have been surprising to the youngest Farnon to hear that Rose had specifically gotten a cat for that reason. Dade didn’t like Charlene or her mother, but Rose hated them.

“And yes, I’ve been here since last year,” Dade finally answered Silas’s question stiffly. What did it matter? Unless Silas was trying to get him to give him a tour of the school or something, which absolutely was not going to happen. Dade wasn’t a tour guide and it wasn’t his fault if stupid Headmaster Bonilla didn’t do his job and didn’t show this kid around.

Why had Silas come here, anyway? Didn’t he have better things to do, like catch up on homework? Dade scowled. He definitely wasn’t going to let this kid copy off his homework. He’d done that once already this year and Sara had just taken his homework and left. It hadn’t helped him make friends with her at all, probably because she was stuck-up and thought she was better than him or something. Even though he’d let her copy off him because she was terrible at school. How could she be terrible at school and still be that stuck-up? What a dumb girl.

  • Admit it, you love it. - Silas, Sun Aug 27 21:33
    Silas watched as the kid bent over oddly and retrieved his goggles. The way Dade had said that he could do it seemed like he was afraid that Silas would steal them or something. Why would the grey... more
    • Definitely not - Dade, Sat Sep 9 06:50
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