As long as I'm happy with it, isn't that what matters?
Sat Sep 9, 2017 13:46

Marley couldn’t honestly say that she’d expected Claudia to bounce up-and-down in her seat and immediately agree to find a cute boy to dance with, but she had been hoping for something a little more reassuring than a “sure”. She eyed her friend sympathetically. Aww, she must have a humongous crush on this mystery boy; the topic was making her act so shy! The first time Marley had had a crush, she’d talked to her mum about it, or more accurately whined to her mum about how Davey McGregor was ignoring her at school, and her mum had basically said that it was a waste of time to keep quiet. If you were gonna be all secretive about crushes, then you didn’t have any right to whine ‘cause of course the other person was clueless and not going to pay you any extra attention; so then if you wanted to do something about it, you just had to get up and do it! Marley had tried this on a few occasions when she had smaller crushes, like with Bryn last year, and they were even better friends now as a result, but even she had times when her crushes were so humongous that she almost felt shy, like she’d prefer to keep it a secret.

But only almost. Cue their current conversation. Although it wasn’t Marley’s turn to speak yet, because finally Claudia was letting slip something interesting.

“Oooh!” Her grin widened. It was sosososo hard to wait for Claudia to keep on talking, because she was really curious to know what kind of boys went to balls and what kind of boys her friend thought were cute and if those two groups of boys overlapped at all. But Claudia was being really careful and focusing on painting her nails just right, and it was nice of her to be painting Marley’s nails at all let alone taking the time to switch between all of the different colours, so Marley tried her best to be patient. Or at least to appear patient. Actually being patient was basically impossible, but the almost-thirteen-year-old (so-close-it-practically-counted) had gotten more practice at pretending to be patient this summer because her grandparents had insisted on taking her with them to church, like, every Sunday that she had been in Toronto, which had technically only been like a month of summer but it had been forever since Marley had gone to church. Four Sundays was too many. Right now, Marley put those four Sundays to use and practiced her cursive via air-writing the letters with her sneaker under the table.

She didn’t make it very far in the alphabet, because cursive G’s were hard, but she managed to get actually sorta caught up in it, enough that she twitched when Claudia spoke up again and her foot bumped lightly into - the table leg? Claudia’s leg? Something, anyways, but it didn’t matter too much since apparently Claudia’s crush had dark eyes and… well, that was it. “Dark eyes,” she echoed, keeping her voice lower than normal in case anyone was eavesdropping. Not that eye colour was much of an identifying factor when, like, half the world had dark eyes, including Marley herself, but Claudia seemed to think it was important. She could respect that. Mostly. “Really, nothing else? Like, how tall he is, or hair colour, or…” Marley laugh-sighed, catching herself. “No, sorry, it’s okay. Eyes are good. Supposedly eyes say a lot about people. Like, d’you know that saying, ‘eyes are the windows to the soul’?” she recited. “So if you’re crushing on him for his eyes, like, that’s a great sign, I bet. He must be super nice.” She almost said super cool, but switched it out for nice as she felt that would mean more to Claudia.

Pulling her hands back, smiling once again, Marley alternated craning her neck and her fingers in order to inspect every nail. “It’s beautiful, you did them so well. Thank you! And, it’s okay, I’m totally careful so we can start on yours,” she reassured Claudia, confident that she would be able to paint her friend’s nails without smudging her own. You didn’t use your nails to hold a brush, after all. “Pick out the colours you want! And… okay, I’ll tell you.” She scooted her chair in a little closer, suddenly feeling her heartbeat change a little so that it was less of a bongo thump and more of a cutlery-falling-out-of-the-dishwasher skattle. Like, as soon as she said it, it was gonna be Real. Which was a dumb thing to think, Marley knew, because it was Real whether she said it or not, but that was still how it felt! “This is like, a big secret, so you can’t tell anyone, pinky-swear.” Realizing that maybe Claudia didn’t know what that meant, she quickly added, “Pinky-swear is how Muggle kids promise to keep secrets. Little kids will link their pinkies together and shake on it, but when you’re older, you just say it ‘cause it’s just as good. Aaaanyways,” Marley took a deep breath and let it all whoosh. “IhaveacrushonConnorandhissister’sgonnahelpmeaskhimoutmaybeandwowit’ssucharelieftosayitoutloudpleasedon'ttellhim!”

  • Perfection is overrated - Claudia, Fri Sep 8 10:02
    It quickly became apparent that Claudia had blushed and Marley had noticed. The blonde ducked her head further, hoping to ward off any questions on the topic. She really ought to have known better... more
    • As long as I'm happy with it, isn't that what matters? - Marley, Sat Sep 9 13:46
      • Your funeral - Claudia, Sat Sep 9 14:42
        Marley started to push for more information, which Claudia really didn’t appreciate. She tried to keep her expression neutral but she wasn’t at all comfortable being questioned like that. Even if the ... more
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