Your funeral
Sat Sep 9, 2017 14:42

Marley started to push for more information, which Claudia really didn’t appreciate. She tried to keep her expression neutral but she wasn’t at all comfortable being questioned like that. Even if the crush was actually real (as Marley hopefully believed) it was rude of her friend to push for more details when Claudia had ventured none (and indeed even explicitly stated that should couldn’t say anything further), and considering she was telling a lie in the first place it made her anxious into the bargain, as if Marley could see through her untruth and was trying to call her out on it. Claudia bit the inside of her cheek to steady herself, and thankfully Marley stopped herself before Claudia needed to ask her to back off. It was nice to have a female friend, but Marley didn’t come without her price. Connor would never interrogate her like that.

She just about managed to avoid rolling her eyes and instead offered a thin-lipped smile in response to the comment about Nathaniel’s eyes indicating that he was a nice person. Claudia knew him very little, he could be a complete idiot for all she knew, but he was polite and pleasantly put together, that was all. A person could have very nice eyes and still be a miserable excuse for a human being, Claudia didn’t doubt. Still, Marley was hopefully going to tell her something interesting, so it would hopefully prove to be worth the past minute of discomfort to learn about the sort of boy who might draw the affection of someone like Marley.

Claudia pushed the purple polish she had already selected towards Marley and away from herself, with the request, “This one, please,” and then waited, unable to account for her interest in the other girl’s life and the physiological responses her anticipation elicited, for Marley to tell her. Then she did.

Claudia stared at her. Connor? Marley had a crush on Connor? It was surreal, it was nonsensical, and for half a second Claudia thought maybe Marley was joking, but no she seemed far too excited for that. Good grief. She couldn’t help but stare at Marley for just a moment longer, even though she knew she was staring and it was rude and undignified and maybe her bottom lip had fallen apart from her top lip in her surprise but that was really the least of her concerns. It wasn’t just that Marley had a crush on Connor, but that she was going to ask him out and had even approached Rose for help. Claudia’s heart was thudding wildly, even more so than it had been while she had been waiting to hear this unsettling news. While she was relatively certain that Connor had no interest whatsoever in Marley - the two Cetus students had discussed Marley’s less appealing traits in the not-too-distant-past - the mere prospect of her only two friends at school dating, leaving her as the third wheel or to be excluded entirely, was repugnant. Moreover Connor was her friend. Not Marley’s.

“I promise I won’t say anything,” she breathed after a moment, still in shock. She wouldn’t ever tell another living soul, she was sure of it. Because if people knew that she knew, it would make them hate her for what she was planning.

  • Marley couldn’t honestly say that she’d expected Claudia to bounce up-and-down in her seat and immediately agree to find a cute boy to dance with, but she had been hoping for something a little more... more
    • Your funeral - Claudia, Sat Sep 9 14:42
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