Stella E.M. Ramiro
The Universal Pervasion of Ugliness is Enkindled by Vanity
Sun Jan 15, 2017 23:58

Although Stella really enjoyed the whole aesthetic of RMI- the cobbled hallways, the large amount of creepy portraits, the grotesque, gargoylish statues- she still appreciated places like the Recreation Center. It made her feel more at home, and she enjoyed the clash of magical and muggle ways that one could enjoy themselves. That being said, after completing all of her homework a day in advance, she was itching for some good ol' gothic entertainment. Prepping herself to go into "Lillith-mode", she put on her authentic looking Victorian bathing suit, something she had to beg her parents for since "Bikinis are much more practical". Although she respected her mother's logic as an open minded individual, Stella adamantly refused to wear any such clothing that would make her walking eye-candy to any pre-pubescent mongrel who had his tiny head in the gutter. Besides, Stella knew that they didn't really think with their tiny heads, but with other tiny body parts. She made a disgruntled face at the thought. Before leaving she put on large sunglasses and brought her black parasol with her.

She walked slowly to the Recreation Center, giving both glaring stares and toothy grins to anyone that was unfortunate enough to cross her path. As Queen of the Darkness, she had to not only emit a harrowing aura to her subjects, but ensure that in her presence they would always have a perpetual sense of discomfort. If she heard "Freak" as she proudly made her way through the halls, then she knew that she had done a job well done. She reached the Rec Center about ten minutes slower than usual, but smiled at knowing that she had left a trail of awkward unpleasantness in her wake.

As she walked in, Stella saw an empty table by where a girl was sitting and decided to make her way towards it. She accidentally dropped her parasol when she got close enough to the girl, but before she could apologize creepily, the girl opened her pretty mouth.

"Watch where you’re going, or are you too busy being blind to notice?”

Stella was taken aback for two seconds, but quickly looked up to the metaphorical Eldritch Terrors in the sky and mouthed a silent "Thank you." The show had begun.

She suddenly slipped very dramatically, and threw herself onto the floor, causing a splash of water to go in the other girl's general direction. "My god, I've lost my sight. I can't see, I can't see! O sir, my eyes — I'm blind — I'm blind, I'm blind!" she said, quoting a little bit of Wilfred Owen. Wilfred always coated her performances with a cataclysmic savagery, and if it were not for her paramour H.P. Lovecraft, she would have definitely had a crush on him. Grabbing the girl wildly, she continued.

"Coax your light against my fluttering lids, let me see its dim light. Please, oh God. Tell me I'm not blind, tell me I'll be alright!" she said drastically, trying her best not to break character and start laughing.

  • Ugh -- As If! - Momoka Saito, Sun Jan 15 21:56
    Momoka didn’t enjoy being cooped up in her dormitory. The decorations and living arrangements were practically medieval, all about ‘community’ and ‘bonding’ and ‘cozy’. Ugh. Please. Anyone who knew... more
    • The Universal Pervasion of Ugliness is Enkindled by Vanity - Stella E.M. Ramiro, Sun Jan 15 23:58
      • "You're a virgin who can't drive." - Momoka, Fri Jan 20 17:30
        When the obviously disheveled, practically troll looking girl began going into hysterics, Momoka knew exactly how she would handle this. She would scream. A small, frightened girl doing homework... more
        • I Guess That Makes Me Pretty Rare, Huh - Stella, Tue Jan 24 15:21
          As Stella felt the girl's sharp nails dig into her shoulder and push her back onto the floor, she couldn't help but let out a small giggle, and soon she completely broke character and started to... more
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