Nolan Ramsey
Room for one more?
Thu Oct 26, 2017 23:37

The thing was that sometimes, if you wore a prosthesis every day, your leg stump got really tired of it, and you had to not do that for a day or two to give it a break. And Nolan had been wearing his prosthetic leg every day since he came to RMI because, ugh, bipeds. They got all weird when they found out you only had one leg. So Nolan had decided to stave that off as long as possible.

Today it had hurt pretty bad when he put the sleeve, healing salve or not, so—crutches it was. Nolan had plenty of tailored jeans to wear when he was using the crutches. Tailored meaning that the left leg was cut off above the knee and sewn shut. Also meaning that the right leg was exactly the correct length for Nolan, because hey, if you were already paying to have one leg tailored to weird specifics, might as well have the other one tailored properly too.

Classes today had been fine. Rob already knew about the leg thing because he was Nolan’s Head of House. Also Rob had stolen Nolan’s crutches because Nolan had left them leaning against the desk while he was working on his Ear-Wiggling Solution. (Seriously, wizards came up with the most sophisticated ways to do the most useless things.) Nolan didn’t mind. It was funny, and Nolan would rather have people stare because something funny was happening than because he had one leg, which was old news. It was way better when people didn’t take disability too seriously. Granted, Rob had probably never once been in danger of taking anything too seriously, least of all disability, since he was a paraplegic or whatever (Nolan hadn’t asked and didn’t much care). Anyway it had been funny when Rob took the crutches and even funnier when Nolan hopped to the front of the room to turn in his potion and get the crutches back, in Nolan’s opinion, so there.

The recreation center was mostly empty when Nolan showed up to find someone to play pool with. He vaguely recognized the student at the chessboard. They had a few classes together, and plus it was a small school so you usually saw people around in the Diner and stuff. Although Nolan couldn’t remember seeing this guy in the Diner. Maybe their meal times didn’t overlap or something.

It did startled Nolan when the little sword landed almost on his foot. “It’s all right. Careful, little knight, I only got the one good leg,” Nolan added to the chess piece. He leaned back on his forearm crutches, shifting his weight so he could bend down and pick up the stone sword. He tossed it back on the chessboard, where the black knight scrambled to reclaim it. The white castle got there first, but the theft was thwarted by the fact that it didn’t have arms.

Nolan glanced at the chess player. “Is this your set? You gotta act like a general. Else they get uppity.” Chess pieces could tell when their player wasn’t good at the game. Like a horse that realized its rider wouldn’t pull hard enough to stop it from just standing still and eating grass. “Whose turn, white or black?” The other boy didn’t seem like he was playing with anyone but Nolan decided not to point that out.

  • Chess: a game of one player and too many opinions - Russell Drew, Thu Oct 19 23:45
    "No, don't eat him. Erm, her? It?" The small bishop, who had been trying and failing to hold its pointy hat out of Jaws' reach, seemed to give up, or at least neglect this struggle in favour of... more
    • Room for one more? - Nolan Ramsey, Thu Oct 26 23:37
      • Absolutely, just take my place! - Russell, Sat Oct 28 01:25
        Russell’s gaze went from the shoe, up almost to its owner’s face but not quite, as his eyes then spun immediately back down again to the hole beside where a matching (or mismatching; he was hardly... more
        • Where’s the fun in that? - Nolan, Sat Oct 28 23:48
          Wearing sunglasses inside was weird, Nolan decided, as the other student fumbled through the conversation. Nolan was pretty sure his name was Russell. He wasn’t bad with names. The chess set didn’t... more
          • .....This is fun? - Russell, Wed Nov 1 21:34
            At the other boy’s insistence that magical chess pieces were helpful, Russell almost wanted to roll his eyes, but that seemed rude (not to mention absolutely pointless) (and a bit painful, since... more
            • For me, anyway - Nolan, Fri Nov 3 15:27
              Nolan really didn’t see how chess pieces who didn’t do anything could be more helpful than chess pieces who knew the game and could give advice. Although he supposed if your chess set hated you they... more
              • I guess that means we balance out - Russell , Mon Nov 6 00:14
                The other student looked like he was going to burst out laughing at his pitiful explanation, and Russell could feel his face flushing with heat. He ducked his head, tucking some hair back behind his... more
                • Balance is key - Nolan, Mon Nov 6 17:15
                  One of Russell’s knights just seemed to give up on life. Him and the horse he rode in on gave up at the same time, which Nolan thought was pretty lousy behavior for chess pieces. Could the school not ... more
                  • I'm not an expert on it - Russell , Fri Nov 10 22:34
                    Russell felt almost proud of himself for almost two seconds. He had managed to explain himself and justify his disability label… label ling ... Well, the label, and the act of labelling himself.... more
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