.....This is fun?
Wed Nov 1, 2017 21:34

At the other boy’s insistence that magical chess pieces were helpful, Russell almost wanted to roll his eyes, but that seemed rude (not to mention absolutely pointless) (and a bit painful, since rolling them would mean looking straight up and at the lights reflecting off the ceiling, even if only for an instant). So instead, he offered up a gesture somewhere in between a shrug and a violent twitch. “Muggle chess pieces are helpful. Like, they don’t… move and have their own opinions and stuff. Gives you time to think for yourself and strategize better. Um, at least,” he backtracked, because he didn’t want to cause any offense either to Nolan or to the chess pieces under his nose, “I find that more helpful. I guess not everyone would.” Though as hard as he might try to see a different perspective of it, Russell couldn’t imagine how having chess pieces scamper around and throw their equipment could be beneficial in the game.

And speaking of throwing equipment… Several of the white pawns, currently in their defensive castling formation around the king, did not seem to have fallen for his backtracking. If it was possible for blank marble to look unimpressed, Russell was pretty sure all the non-expressions they were making as they twisted around to face each other would be it. Fortunately, asking the most insensitive question ever gave him a good excuse to leave. Unfortunately, he managed to get tangled around his own feet before he could properly get up from the chair, and then Rowan or whoever decided to address his awfully-timed comment instead of the profuse apologies that had followed.

In retrospect, it was maybe a good thing that Russell hadn’t managed to get vertical before the other boy opened his mouth, because the words coming out were enough to make him want to lie down and/or curl into a ball under the table. The bright and smiling way that his explanation of an elevator accident came out just made it all the more cringey to listen to. How… ew no, he didn’t want to even think about the how… but, why, maybe why was a better train of thought to follow. Why on Earth would RMI’s administration have allowed such a major mechanical failure? And why hadn’t there been any announcements about it? Even if it had only happened late yesterday or early this morning, that would surely still merit an immediate school-wide declaration that the elevator was off-limits until the matter was resolved. And why did he have to lose his whole leg? Wasn’t there some kind of fancy magic that could, like, just fuse it all back together?

Oh dear, now he was thinking about legs being separated again, ew ew ew. Russell could feel his nerves revving up. Partially because he noticed his heartrate sounding loud(er than usual) and then realized he had forgotten how to breathe, and partially because his eyes were both suddenly twitching (more than normal). Opening and closing his mouth as he tried and re-thought whatever it was he didn’t know he wanted to say, all that Russell could manage was a squeaking noise reminiscent of his mouse as he watched the legless boy other boy don’t think about legs stop it awkwardly sit down on the opposite end of the chessboard.

It took one of the scheming, unimpressed white pawns throwing its tiny helmet at him for Russell to come somewhat back to the game and realize it was his turn. This was, again, another unfortunate occurrence, because it meant that he tuned in right on time to catch the question about his glasses.

“I, uh, the, er,” he stammered, gingerly handing the helmet back to the pawn. The pawn in turn put it on backwards, over its eyes. It did not occur to Russell that this was ironic considering the conversational topic, because he was too busy deciding it was a seriously bad omen. “The glasses. I don’t see well.” Yes. That was a coherent sentence. That also made no sense contextually. “It’s too bright in here, well, er, everywhere, but especially… here?” That sounded like a question. He was talking about himself and he knew that stuff, so why did it sound like a question? “I’m disabled.” Great, way to go, excellent timing. Pull the disability card. Sure. Not like it was a get-out-of-jail-and-all-social-interactions-free card. One could only wish. “B-bishop to… that one?” Russell pointed at the square he intended and the bishop went the opposite direction. Whether this was because Jaws was sniffing at the edge of the board near his intended square or because the bishop just hated him, he had no idea.

  • Where’s the fun in that? - Nolan, Sat Oct 28 23:48
    Wearing sunglasses inside was weird, Nolan decided, as the other student fumbled through the conversation. Nolan was pretty sure his name was Russell. He wasn’t bad with names. The chess set didn’t... more
    • .....This is fun? - Russell, Wed Nov 1 21:34
      • For me, anyway - Nolan, Fri Nov 3 15:27
        Nolan really didn’t see how chess pieces who didn’t do anything could be more helpful than chess pieces who knew the game and could give advice. Although he supposed if your chess set hated you they... more
        • I guess that means we balance out - Russell , Mon Nov 6 00:14
          The other student looked like he was going to burst out laughing at his pitiful explanation, and Russell could feel his face flushing with heat. He ducked his head, tucking some hair back behind his... more
          • Balance is key - Nolan, Mon Nov 6 17:15
            One of Russell’s knights just seemed to give up on life. Him and the horse he rode in on gave up at the same time, which Nolan thought was pretty lousy behavior for chess pieces. Could the school not ... more
            • I'm not an expert on it - Russell , Fri Nov 10 22:34
              Russell felt almost proud of himself for almost two seconds. He had managed to explain himself and justify his disability label… label ling ... Well, the label, and the act of labelling himself.... more
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