For me, anyway
Fri Nov 3, 2017 15:27

Nolan really didnít see how chess pieces who didnít do anything could be more helpful than chess pieces who knew the game and could give advice. Although he supposed if your chess set hated you they could do a lot more harm than good, probably. And the set Russell was using didnít seem very fond of him. Probably because he wasnít listening to them.

Nolanís chess set, which had been a gift from his Uncle Felix (before he got murdered), was pretty good at the game. He didnít always follow their advice now that he knew how to play chess well, but Nolan had relied on them a lot when he was a new player. The queenís-side castle was especially good at strategy. Nolan hadnít brought his chess set to RMI with him, because he didnít like chess that much. Definitely not enough to go to the recreation center and play against himself. He didnít see how it was possible to play against yourself. Wouldnít you just pick the side you wanted to win and just sacrifice the other side? And even if you didnít, youíd always know what the other side was going to do, so what was the point? He could see playing against the chess set itself, maybe, but since both sides seemed pretty rebellious it didnít seem like that was what Russell was doing.

The explanation Russell gave for why he was wearing sunglasses inside was confusing. At first Nolan thought he might be saying he was blind, but then the fourth-year remembered that Russell had pointed out that he wasnít wearing a prosthetic. So he could definitely see at least a little bit. But if he could see a little then surely he should have normal glasses to help with that, not sunglasses, right?

It didnít make a ton of sense, and then Russell concluded with, ďIím disabled.Ē For some reason, that was a really funny conclusion to the wandering explanation, and Nolan had to suppress a snort of laughter. Yeah, well, welcome to the club.

It was funny that Russellís bishop just blatantly ignored him, but unfortunately for Nolan, it was now a better move than the one Russell wouldíve made. Now Nolan couldnít take a piece. He moved a pawn and drummed his fingers on the table. Russell seemed really freaked out. Wait, had the other guy believed what Nolan said about the elevator? ďOkay, you know I was kidding before, right? I lost the leg when I was like, six. Usually I wear a prosthetic, but I didnít today.Ē He also didnít feel like explaining more things about his leg today, although he assumed that Russell would ask. People usually asked. ďIím Nolan Ramsey, by the way. Fourth-year transfer,Ē Nolan added. Maybe Russell would be up-to-speed on wizarding gossip and then they could talk about all the subjects Nolan didnít like talking about with strangers.

  • .....This is fun? - Russell, Wed Nov 1 21:34
    At the other boyís insistence that magical chess pieces were helpful, Russell almost wanted to roll his eyes, but that seemed rude (not to mention absolutely pointless) (and a bit painful, since... more
    • For me, anyway - Nolan, Fri Nov 3 15:27
      • I guess that means we balance out - Russell , Mon Nov 6 00:14
        The other student looked like he was going to burst out laughing at his pitiful explanation, and Russell could feel his face flushing with heat. He ducked his head, tucking some hair back behind his... more
        • Balance is key - Nolan, Mon Nov 6 17:15
          One of Russellís knights just seemed to give up on life. Him and the horse he rode in on gave up at the same time, which Nolan thought was pretty lousy behavior for chess pieces. Could the school not ... more
          • I'm not an expert on it - Russell , Fri Nov 10 22:34
            Russell felt almost proud of himself for almost two seconds. He had managed to explain himself and justify his disability labelÖ label ling ... Well, the label, and the act of labelling himself.... more
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