I guess that means we balance out
Mon Nov 6, 2017 00:14

The other student looked like he was going to burst out laughing at his pitiful explanation, and Russell could feel his face flushing with heat. He ducked his head, tucking some hair back behind his bandana as it flopped forwards, and pretended to be extremely invested in the chess board. Yeah, it was better to just… stop talking now. Although, at the same time, the humour he read from the other boy was aggravating him more than usual (by usual, read: never, he was never aggravated, and at the same time he always was) (and that didn’t make sense so read again: he was never aggravated by other people because he was too aggravated by himself and his surroundings literally all of the time to have any energy left over for other-people aggravation) (that made sense, right?).

He couldn’t see any way to capture the moved pawn, but there was an open square beside it that he thought he might as well claim and directed one of his knights to hop over; a few turns down the road, he imagined, he could get behind the other boy’s line of defense with his knight. But the knight was no better than the bishop had been, and actually worse, as its horse laid down and the knight itself flopped over sideways as if feigning sleep and/or death. Russell sighed.

Russell then looked up as the other boy started talking again. “Um.” No, he had definitely not thought that had been a joke. “Weird thing to joke about. Uh, no offense?” Couldn’t say he’d wanted all the gorey details, because he really really didn’t, but he also couldn’t say that he wasn’t curious now about how a toddler managed to lose a leg. That sounded like it would make a better story than some made-up thing about an elevator. Well, either way, whether inventing something entirely new or going the ‘based on a true story’ route, the other boy had a baffling sense of humour. How was losing a limb supposed to be joke material? It sounded awful. Worse than his whole vision thing, really, since he’d been born this way whereas this guy had grown up with a leg and then it was gone.

And yet he was still better at being a proper human than Russell was, apparently. Even the chess pieces were listening to him, like they thought he was more respectable or whatever.

“I’m Russell,” he returned, half-paying attention to the sudden introduction. Despite this distraction, his thoughts hadn’t derailed too much from where they started - wow, he really was aggravated. “And I am disabled.” Oh no, oh dear, how had that just come out without him intending it to? Blushing further, he pressed on, because he couldn’t take it back now even though that was a far more preferable route. At least he had the dictionary definition memorized. Kind of hard not to, when you were forced into public school for a couple years and faced with a swarm of questions from all the normal kids. “I have achromatopsia. It’s a genetic disorder and it means I’m totally colour-blind, and also light-sensitive. So, erm.” He gestured vaguely at his tinted sunglasses. Gosh, this was awkward. Like, it felt better to justify his self-labelling as disabled rather than let Nolan laugh about it to himself, but also, the only people at RMI who knew these details by now (barring the staff) were Marissa and Holland, which made Nolan the first random he’d spoken to about it in… a while. Since public school, possibly.

  • For me, anyway - Nolan, Fri Nov 3 15:27
    Nolan really didn’t see how chess pieces who didn’t do anything could be more helpful than chess pieces who knew the game and could give advice. Although he supposed if your chess set hated you they... more
    • I guess that means we balance out - Russell , Mon Nov 6 00:14
      • Balance is key - Nolan, Mon Nov 6 17:15
        One of Russell’s knights just seemed to give up on life. Him and the horse he rode in on gave up at the same time, which Nolan thought was pretty lousy behavior for chess pieces. Could the school not ... more
        • I'm not an expert on it - Russell , Fri Nov 10 22:34
          Russell felt almost proud of himself for almost two seconds. He had managed to explain himself and justify his disability label… label ling ... Well, the label, and the act of labelling himself.... more
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