I'm not an expert on it
Fri Nov 10, 2017 22:34

Russell felt almost proud of himself for almost two seconds. He had managed to explain himself and justify his disability label… labelling... Well, the label, and the act of labelling himself. Those were both things that needed justifying. Every so often, he’d overheard on the radio news stories about disabled drivers, for instance, who had invisible disabilities and got shamed by observers or even the police when they parked in handicap zones. Russell hadn’t experienced anything like that, and he wasn’t sure if he ever would. (Partially because his disability wasn’t that invisible - pretty obvious, really, he thought, otherwise why would he get so many Looks out in public? - but also because he didn’t expect to get a driver’s license any time soon. His dad had taken him to practice driving a few times, and once he had his birthday this summer, he would technically be old enough for a provisional license, but none of the driving schools his parents had helped him research offered driving tests at night. It was all daytime hours. This was a problem.) But still, the fact that people could make assumptions so quickly to invalidate someone’s disability status was a bit concerning.

The reason why his sort of proud feeling was cut off after less than two seconds was because Nolan had started laughing for real. “....Right.” His mumble was accompanied by an even warmer blush that felt like it had spread across his whole face, including his nose. Of course. Nolan was disabled, too. And, yeah, he was painfully aware of how rude his whole legs explosion had been. He thought he was embarrassed already, but gosh, it seemed that he had just made things a bajillion times worse. “I’m sorry, again, really sorry.” Okay, not a bajillion. That wasn’t a real number. Plus, it didn’t leave nearly enough room for all the steeper declines that could happen from here, which Russell knew from experience didn’t just could happen but would, every time.

He offered up a weak shrug in response to the other boy’s question. How was he supposed to answer that? ‘No, because I don’t really explain it to randoms that often’? That seemed a lame answer. But also the only answer, barring inventing something new, which he didn’t see the point of anyways. “Not… really. I mean, the need to explain or whatever, that doesn’t come up for me super often. And most people don’t listen much anyways, I think. It’s kind of boring. Not really, but, like, to explain.” Achromatopsia was definitely not boring to Russell - not just because it was basically his life, but because it was a genuinely interesting condition, and the fact that his parent’s minor genetic inconsistencies had mixed together to give him the condition to this severe an extreme was baffling with such a low probability, and [insert more science gibberish that he had picked up in one of his mopey spells when he just sat around poking textbooks to learn more about why he was Wrong]. Explaining all that got long-winded and dull, though. Or at least he assumed.

Russell jumped a little when Nolan pointed out the board. “Sorry,” he apologized automatically for his lack of attention. “Uh, sure, yeah. Hmm… Queen-side pawn.” He half-formed a few options, lips moving, before making his decision. To his surprise, the pawn actually moved there. “You’re listening?” Russell found himself, again, almost proud for almost two seconds, before he remembered that pawns could only move forward a square at a time. “Right. Duh. The only way the pawn can’t is if it went, like, backwards, and I guess your moral integrity doesn’t let you break the rules that far.” Half addressing Nolan, half the pawn, the Californian chuckled quietly at his own joke and then hastily snatched up Jaws as he began nibbling the edge of the board. “Not for eating, bud.”

  • Balance is key - Nolan, Mon Nov 6 17:15
    One of Russell’s knights just seemed to give up on life. Him and the horse he rode in on gave up at the same time, which Nolan thought was pretty lousy behavior for chess pieces. Could the school not ... more
    • I'm not an expert on it - Russell , Fri Nov 10 22:34
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