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There was something comforting about sitting on his big brother's shoulders. Being up so high was a little scary and a lot cool, because Anssi could see so much father than normal, and he could splay his hands out on Ruben's head like it was a round, warm cushion... Well, minus the squishy part cushions usually had. Skulls weren't very squishy. He had to be careful not to snag any of his fingers in his brother's hair, too, of course, because unlike petting a cushion, that would be Bad. It was tempting to wind his hands through it - the long blonde strands would be perfect to hang on to up here - but he could resist it. Most of the time. Today Ruben's hair smelled like those colourful tropical fruits Mamma liked to walk past and admire when they went grocery shopping. Anssi's shampoo didn't smell that nice, and he sort of wanted it to. Not that he would ever say that out loud, because Ruben already had a whole hundred percent full confidence level and didn't really need to go over that.

Not that he would ever say that out loud, either.

Anyways, sitting here was comforting, but not as comforting as it could have been. Ideally, he would get to sit on Ruben's shoulders at a time when his big brother was just standing in one place, and then he would properly be able to enjoy it despite the small bit of fear that came with being three or four or maybe even five times his usual height. Today wasn't an ideal situation, though. Ruben was walking, and not just walking but walking fast, while threatening to hop on one foot and kick his friend Kaye if Anssi didn't kick her first. That was no fair. He didn't want to kick Kaye, and he didn't think Ruben should put him at risk of being dropped all the way to the ground and hurting his whole brain or body or both just because he didn't want to kick someone who was their friend. Besides, the only part of Kaye that he could probably reach was her hair, and after being so diligently trained on how not to treat his brother's hair, he couldn't imagine doing something so mean as kicking her hair with his sandals. (Especially because she always had really nice hair, almost as nice as Ruben's except hers changed so much that there were days he couldn't even recognize who she was at first whereas his brother was always super recognizeable.) Anssi hadn't worn his sandals much since it was wintertime, but they were probably still a bit dirty from last summer.

Along with his sandals, he also had brand-new swimming trunks, or rather, brand-new this year. When Mamma and Pappa had learned there was a swimming pool at RMI, they had been very surprised but then took him shopping for trunks. Anssi had gone swimming a bit whenever they visited Mamma's family, but that was always in little quiet Finnish lakes, not indoor pools, and definitely not underground indoor pools. And that also was always without trunks, because Finnish people, and Swedish people too, and probably Norse people though he had never been to Norway and couldn't say for sure, were all very positive about being one with nature and recognizing the natural human body and stuff like that. He couldn't be completely sure whether that was the reason his big brother was walking around school in basically just underwear right now, but it must be part of the reason. Or at least, it must be part of the reason why the other students they saw in the hallways were wearing more than just a swimsuit. Ruben had a towel with him, but he wasn't using it to cover up like the other students were using pants or shirts.

Anssi had been wearing a shirt when he first came out to meet the older students, a buttoned shirt that was made with a nice light fabric and had a nice firm collar he could pop up to hide most of his neck. But his brother had teased him for it ("Is that what you will wear in the pool? Oh, well, at least you have on better shoes than Kaye!") and Anssi had too easily let himself be talked into letting Ruben magick his shirt. The resulting towel was more pool appropriate - less light than before, but just as soft. And Ruben had even agreed to keep a couple of the buttons so that Anssi could wear it around his neck like a cape while carried on his shoulders. But even though it was buttoned around his neck, it did less to hide his neck than the collar had, and the ugly purpley splotch of the big birthmark that crawled from his neck up to almost his ear was fully visible.

That was definitely the most least comfortable thing about this situation, even more than the wobbles and jokes about kicking innocent girls that he didn't want to kick and couldn't imagine why his brother would want to kick them either. But he couldn't sit on that uncomfort long, because now they were at the party. And wow, it really was a party!

Gaping wide-eyed at the piles of sand and all the students and a giant inflatable pineapple sitting at an angle on top of the waterfall for some reason, Anssi squirmed instinctively when Ruben didn't quite let his feet reach the ground, but didn't actually mind much. His brother was really strong but also really good at not holding him too tight. Still he was happy to soon be standing on his own again and giggled at his brother's shoo-ing. "You also," he wished them a fun time before concluding with a wave, a "good-bye Kaye!", and a scurry off.

The sand was amazing. Anssi had seen sandy beaches, but only in movies and picture books. Anywhere he had gone swimming back home just had dirt and sometimes rocks, which was amazing in its own way, but the sand was so unique, kind of slippery to walk on and itchy when bits of it sneaked into his sandals. He wandered over to the snack table first, gladly grabbing a fistful of cookies, and then ducked to grab a fistful of sand. But he only had a moment to admire how the warm sand felt in his palm before an older girl spoke to him. Anssi straightened up and nodded politely. "Ja, it is all very pretty! And you have pretty glass-eyes," he added, forgetting the English word but figuring the direct translation was good enough. "Is this real sand, do you know? How is it so fantastik?" The second question was a bit rhetorical, because Nature was a mystery. Blue eyes still wide, wearing his usual serious expression but hinting at a smile, he waited for the older girl to answer.

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