Russell Drew
Good luck making it through unscathed
Fri Nov 24, 2017 22:51

The first thing that Russell did upon entering the Rec Centre was take a step back outside. Just to check that the piles of sand weren’t his imagination and the hallway was indeed still covered with normal, stable flooring. Not at all because there were more people inside than he had anticipated and he couldn’t spot Marissa right away, which meant she was probably either taking a break from her own party (doubtful) or preoccupied with other people (likely), and there was really little point in him being there if he couldn’t hang out with the redhead. Also not at all because one person he did spot right away was Holland and today was one of his Not Washing Hair days - he didn’t think that was a problem, especially if he did wind up swimming, but then again he hadn’t thought his hair prior to when Holland got their hands and wand on it was a problem, either, and what if they could tell? Also not at all because his palms were spontaneously sweaty and his board shorts, ironically, not very good for wiping them off on on account of the material being designed not to absorb too much water. Also not at all because there were little teeth nibbling on him.

Blinking down, the teen suddenly realized that his black mouse was still nestled between bony fingers. Whoops. Admittedly not the most surprising thing to have missed, considering how he carried Jaws around with him nearly everywhere, but still a little bit of a surprise, considering how he had managed to get himself changed into swimming shorts and… okay that was really it, but still he had come out of it with a mouse. Figuring that he must have just gotten flustered enough by the arrival of Marissa’s sudden note and the invitation within it to overlook what exactly ‘pool party’ meant and automatically bring the mouse along, Russell subsequently figured that this was as good an excuse as any to head back up to Cetus and possibly just stay there instead of bothering with this attempt that would probably just fail anyways. The last sort of social almost-event that he had participated in was when Marissa invited him to go shopping with her and Holland, and it had been fun but also hadn’t felt entirely like a success. Although he’d never gone shopping with friends before, so what did he know?

Allowing himself a sigh, Russell began a slow walk back to his dorm. Maybe of better contrast was the second-last sort of social actual event he had participated in: the fateful pyjama party, where he had not only never gotten to hang out with Marissa but had also puked up his dinner in front of Holland and everyone else. A more optimistic person might have argued that the pool party surely couldn’t go worse than that. But a Russell type of person would argue that puking had been his first party experience and it could really only go downhill from there. And that was exactly what he told himself now.

It was to his great discomfort that he re-entered the Cetus commons only to see Steven and Jessica casually inhaling each other’s faces in the middle of the room. The older girl was in a bikini, the boy more appropriately dressed for the very non-pool setting they were in, but still they were making out like it was no big deal that one of them was obviously headed to the party and the other still carrying a textbook. There were a couple other students passing by who didn’t seem to think it was a big deal, either, or if they did, they hid it well. Russell couldn’t understand why. He was equal parts revolted by what they were doing and morbidly fascinated by it and revolted with himself for being fascinated. He’d only ever kissed one boy and it hadn’t felt nearly as fun as they seemed to be having with it and h o w

Russell edged around the couple (oh gosh what was Steven doing with his hands) and practically bolted up to his room. Once Jaws was safely deposited in his bed, but not once Russell was feeling good again because that was unlikely to happen at all today, the teen slipped back downstairs and rounded the corner with intent of holing up in a private study room. Where he immediately encountered Huburt, because of course he did. Being forced to acknowledge the first-year’s very obviously faked polite greeting was somehow even more uncomfortable than seeing Jessica’s tongue do acrobats, and when Huburt told him to leave him alone so that he could study, Russell was more than happy to do so.

At that point, it seemed safer to dodge around Steven and Jessica again than to risk opening the door of a different study room. So he sighed again, took a follow-up deep breath, straightened the hem of his definitely not funny cotton shirt, and scrammed out of there.

Back at the Rec Centre, Russell made it in the door this time. The Californian had spent enough time on beaches back home that he was easily able to walk across the sand, feet naturally angled to keep from sinking or slipping, and he had soon surveyed enough of the room (as well as picked up a sandwich along the way) to determine that the games area was the safest place to be right now. Less splashing. Less nudity. More… Myffi?

He hastily swallowed his mouthful of sandwich, having taken an exceptionally large bite with the assumption that no one would be talking to him any time soon. “Um, no,” he managed. “Did you say exploding cards? Why would you build a tower outta them? Like, um, that doesn’t really sound… safe.”

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    • Good luck making it through unscathed - Russell Drew, Fri Nov 24 22:51
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