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Sat Nov 25, 2017 21:07

Camilla smiled in response to Ruben’s little brother. The blonde didn't remember another time they had interacted before, especially because the Cetus usually didn't pay attention to the younger years, with the exception of Claudia. The blonde just found younger students to be a bit obnoxious in large groups, but this particular one was rather endearing. How he and Ruben were related, she had no idea. The older witch realized that she didn't know his name. However, she, out of embarrassment, decided to swim along the edges to prevent the direct question. Maybe his name would come up later in the conversation.

A laugh escaped her lips as she squatted and her fingers began slowly playing with the sand. The blonde scribbled her name. She looked at the younger boy, “It's real enough to be here!” she answered enthusiastically as the sand she had picked up was trickling between her fingers. Dear Merlin, this kid was seriously adorable. His seriousness hinted with a smile was enough to melt Camilla a little bit towards younger years.

Her hazel eyes looked around the Recreation Center and smiled. It looked amazing. Marissa had done some fantastic magic to make it look it was. She wondered who had helped her. Maybe Professor McKindy? Though the transfiguration and recreation of sand couldn't be that hard. Camilla had to give to Marissa, she was creative and handy when it came to party planning. Something she wouldn't tell her to her face, of course.

“It is quite fantastic,” she nodded in agreement. “Magic can do wonders!” she said before placing her sunglasses on the boy’s face. They were quite fortunate to be part of the magical community. Everything was easier with magic, though she had to concede that Muggles had great things too, like their fashion sense, something the blonde had would back up anytime of the day. She hated stuffy robes. They were so boring. Mrs. Randolph had once told her that she was sure everyone hated them, but were too stubborn to admit it. However, younger generations had embraced the Muggle clothing more openly than their older contemporaries. Thank Merlin, because every time Camilla had to wear a robe made her shudder in horror.

“You can have them,” she said before getting up from her squatting position. Her legs were getting tired. “They’ll look better on you than they do on me,” she said with a smile. She believed that statement in a 70%, but he could have them. Camilla had another pair stashed somewhere. Besides the kid was related to Ruben, and that couldn't be that great.

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    There was something comforting about sitting on his big brother's shoulders. Being up so high was a little scary and a lot cool, because Anssi could see so much father than normal, and he could splay ... more
    • Thank you! - Camilla, Sat Nov 25 21:07
      • Any time - Anssi, Sun Nov 26 19:20
        If the older girl had answered, just to confirm that yes the sand was real, that would have been enough to satisfy Anssi. But instead, she actually crouched down by him and began playing with the... more
        • You are the sweetest - Camilla, Sun Nov 26 21:02
          This kid was something else. Camilla was instantly melted by the sweetness that oozed from his every pore. He had won her over in a second, though she still had the issue of not really knowing his... more
          • And you are very smart! - Anssi, Wed Nov 29 21:01
            Even though his attempt at making the sand into a ball had not worked out very well, or at all, the older girl reacted in a positive and smiling way to his question. She claimed it was possible for... more
            • Why thank you! - Camilla, Thu Nov 30 17:28
              This kid was seriously adorable. Camilla was baffled at the fact that he was related to Ruben. How come this sweet child have Violent Ruben as a sibling? That was just mind blowing, really. The... more
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