Remington Burnham
I'll go with making ripples
Sun Nov 26, 2017 17:03

Catapult isn’t going to be happy with me, Remington thought while she walked to the Rec Center. She’d spent the morning getting ahead in classes. That meant that both she and Catapult hadn’t been out of their room in Draco except to get something to eat for breakfast. Usually, they went on a walk around now. It was weird how much Catapult was like a dog that way. Remington just felt so bad keeping her cooped up in Draco. Even when she let Catapult wander around the commons, most of her housemates weren’t the most playful, and many didn’t appreciate Catapult’s fascination with quills (granted, that fascination came most often when people were using the quills or pens to write, but still!).

She’d finished up her last paragraph in her Cultural Studies essay when the flier for the party landed on her desk. Briefly, she wondered how the paper had made it into Draco and all the way into her room; all she saw before it appeared was a quick blink of glowing eyes. Then, she read the paper and spent a while in a state of anxious indecision.

This was one of those things where she couldn’t tell if Dade would be going or not. Since he lived in a different house, it was hard to just find out right away. She’d spent a lot of time thinking about making some kind of instant messaging spell or charm to solve this problem. There had to a way she could enchant two pieces of paper to work like a text messaging system. She could write a message and what she wrote would appear on the piece of paper Dade had. Then, he could write his response and it’d appear on her paper. It’d be way easier if something like that existed. It didn’t, though, and she wasn’t sure what kind of magic she’d need to make that happen. Professor McKindy might.

Right. Party. Decisions. Remington also didn’t like the beach. It was good for sitting and reading, but usually people wore swimsuits, and she didn’t like those. She’d just started developing curves here and there, but they weren’t distracting enough from her never-disappearing-baby-fat-curves. Someday, she’d have a reason for her older relatives to stop affectionately calling her Chunky, which they’d done since she was a baby. This didn’t seem to be the day. She couldn’t imagine wearing a two piece and definitely not a bikini; she had a one piece, though. It was boring and purple and plain and clung too much to spots she didn’t like, but she had one. After putting that one and making faces in the mirror for a few minutes, she pulled a blue romper over it. The romper was cute but baggy enough to make her more comfortable. She let out a sigh and pulled her huge brown curls back into an ice cream cone themed polka dot bow. It was a party, so she also made sure to wear some pretty eyeshadow and a nice light pink lip gloss. With her feet in her sandals, she said goodbye to Catapult and left before the cat could guilt the Draco into bringing her along.

Wow, there was a varying degree of clothed and not clothed at this party. Ruben, who was both scary but probably knew a lot of really cool spells, was basically naked, so she steered away from him. She wanted to convince him to teach her some spells that she could show to Dade and make him smile, but she was not asking Ruben to teach her anything when she could pretty much see his everything. She couldn’t see Dade – they seemed to be missing each other all the time lately – and eventually sat at the edge of the water. She took off her sandals, set them next to her, and gently stuck her feet inside.

This was way more like an ocean than she was comfortable with. They’d been to beaches a few times with all of the travelling her mom did for work, so it wasn’t her first time at a beach. The spellwork for this must have been really hard. Did they change the depth of the pool, or was there still a shallow end?

“You should come in.” Remington blinked her brown eyes, realizing someone had joined her and was talking to her. It took very few seconds after that to realize it was Drew. She smiled a little and made a ‘I dunno about that’ face right after, laughing nervously. The water’s great. It feels like the real ocean.”

“I believe you,” Remington laughed again, kicking her feet back and forth experimentally. “Problem is, I don’t know how to swim.” Plus, swimsuits and body image issues that she knew were created by the patriarchy so it really annoyed her that she had body image issues and blah blah blah. She supposed she could hang on to the edge, but that’d suck and look pretty silly. “Is the water deep like an ocean, or would I be able to find a shallow end?”

  • Making a splash! - Drew Tennant, Thu Nov 23 14:06
    Technically, this was Drew’s first “Marissa Kendrick party.” He’d been hearing about them for as long as his cousin’s parties had been happening, because he’d been living at RMI since before Marissa... more
    • I'll go with making ripples - Remington Burnham, Sun Nov 26 17:03
      • How about waves instead? - Drew, Mon Nov 27 10:21
        “Oh, there’s a shallow end!” Drew said with enthusiasm. He pointed at the part of the pool that normally had steps. The stairs were now a sandy incline down into the water. “Yeah, Marissa and Rose... more
        • How big are the waves? - Remington , Tue Nov 28 19:04
          Drew was very adamant about getting her in the water. It was sweet. She'd never understood the hype around beaches though. Salt water left your skin feeling weird sometimes, and sand got everywhere.... more
          • However big you want them - Drew, Sat Dec 9 13:53
            Remington agreed to come into the pool, so Drew made his way to the shallow end of the pool. He had to duck underwater a little to dodge Steven, Susan, and the Reynolds twins, who were playing... more
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