Hunter Ioma
Pool by the Pool
Mon Jan 16, 2017 16:49

Hunter was having the time of his life. He had always had a reputation as a bit of an oddball for liking school, and now that he was in school to learn magic he liked it even more. By the end of the first week he was no longer forgetting to bring his wand with him to class and was only getting lost about once a day. While wandering around the day before he had stumbled onto the recreation center he’d heard so much about, and was even fairly certain he could find his way back. Which meant it was time for a different kind of fun.

He didn’t know that many people yet, and those he did were mostly first and second years. Which made sense… as a member of the youngest group in school the older kids didn’t want to hang out with him, he got that. But he intended to take full advantage of this while he could and have what he considered to be just about the most fun you can have when you’re younger than everyone else: tricking them into giving you money.

Not that he really sure what he might want to spend money on here at RMI, though if nothing else he figured it could get him into the interesting games that he was sure must happen… somewhere. But really it was just winning it that he liked.

He rummaged in his trunk for a bit and pulled out the pouch that contained all his winnings from over the summer and looked inside. When he first exchanged his money for wizard money he thought the coins were fairly impractical, but now he thought he liked it better this way. It was shiny and good for getting people’s attention.

Stuffing the pouch in a cargo pocket and and patting the other to make sure he wasn’t forgetting his wand, Hunter set off for the rec center… and the pool tables.

When he got there he quickly spotted a table with some older kids and started hovering. He made sure to be close enough to watch but not so close that any of them would be likely to take the energy to tell him to buzz off and after watching a couple of games he figured he had a good sense for their skill levels. He let himself look way more nervous than he felt and walked up to one of them between games, tapping them as high up as he could reach.

Keeping his eyes on the floor he murmured, “Can I try? I think I can afford the bet…” and pulled three galleons out of his pouch, making sure it was open wide enough that the rest could glint at least a little.

He put on his best “charming little kid” smile and looked up to see if he had hooked anyone.

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