Well that's embarrassing
Tue Jan 2, 2018 19:59

After a moment of jarring slightly, Saad Abdella obliged Raja’s request and took the stage. He seemed startled and uncomfortable, but that wasn’t particularly unusual for Saad, as far as Raja could tell. It seemed weird to him that the older boy would be awkward, but then again, he was hardly the master of smoothness himself, as evidenced by all previous interactions with Teal Rosse. Or perhaps the future Mrs. Teal Chapman. Raja was doing his best not to think about that whole situation because then he would fall into a horrible crushing pit of despair and heartbreak about how he’d just spent almost two years crushing on a lesbian. But whatever. He wasn’t bitter or anything.

Things were going fine until Aunt Estelle popped up, greeting Saad formally and calling Raja by the wrong name. That seemed to be her thing lately. The second year did his best not to ask too many questions and just go with the flow because his pseudo-aunt was a tiny but deadly force and he wanted to remain on her good side as much as possible. He thought about calling her the wrong name in response, but somehow that also seemed unwise.

Before he could say anything, though, another voice spoke. It came from the back, and Raja found immediately that it belonged to Zoey Ludlow. She was calling to Saad - apparently they had a Cultural Studies project they needed to work on - and then both of the upperclassmen were gone. The Aquila threw up his hands in frustration at this abandonment, but then he remembered that he did have another option, someone else in the room who was approximately student sized (sorry) who was in fact asking to help. “Aunt Estelle, would you mind standing up there?” he called down.

  • You are my sunshine, my only sunshine - Professor Estelle Blair-West, Fri Dec 29 17:34
    Estelle had been walking down the hall, casually carrying a stack of newly marked essays that reached from her arms to nearly her chin. The top few layers were marked up with red pen, so dense in... more
    • Well that's embarrassing - Raja, Tue Jan 2 19:59
      • Embarrassment is all in your head - Aunt Estelle, Wed Jan 3 16:15
        To her amusement, the most recently-arrived student was also from her upper years' Cultural Studies cohort. Apparently, the theatre was just the place to be for her (still absolutely casual and... more
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