Yeahhhh I've got bad news.
Wed Jan 3, 2018 16:01

Okay, cool, so this one was Connor. It was convenient that he provided his name, since Mave had been unsure which Farnon kid this was. “Maverick Buchannan,” he responded to the inquiry. “I’m in the same year as your sister,” he added for additional information. He’d only transferred in this year, so it made sense that people still didn’t necessarily know him, especially since he generally did his best to speak to as few people as possible. After years of garbage-tier experiences with his peers at varying schools, Maverick was something of a misanthrope.

He sketched the scene before him for a moment, blue eyes glancing between the book and the boy. To his surprise, though, Connor asked a good question. Not that he didn’t think the boy was smart enough to ask good questions - he seemed fairly bright thus far - but because most people didn’t ask questions about art. Holland had expressed interest when they’d found him working on a sculpture, but they didn’t use words like “conducive” and “stifling”. It was cool.

“Depends on the day, I guess,” Maverick answered. It wasn’t a great answer, and he knew it, but it was what it was. “I find a lot of the students here… tedious. But the actual, physical spaces are nice. There’s plenty of places to go to work on things, and if it gets too suffocating underground, I can just go take an easel up to Pearl Street.” The older Cetus paused his speech to focus his attention on the way Connor’s hands were positioned in the sketch. “Are you an artist?” he asked a moment later.

  • That would be depressing - Connor, Fri Dec 29 16:09
    Suddenly, Connor understood exactly what was going on. The school freak in front of him was drawing, which meant that he was into art. Artistic people were always a little bit bizarre - Connor was... more
    • Yeahhhh I've got bad news. - Maverick, Wed Jan 3 16:01
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