Aunt Estelle
Embarrassment is all in your head
Wed Jan 3, 2018 16:15

To her amusement, the most recently-arrived student was also from her upper years' Cultural Studies cohort. Apparently, the theatre was just the place to be for her (still absolutely casual and unplanned) goal of showing off her speediness in grading and thereby strike fear in the hearts of her students. Well. Kind of. Zoe and Saad both performed respectably in class and their papers were certainly not in the top third of her artistically arranged pile.

Related to that line of thought, the reason of Zoe's arrival soon became apparent, and that reason was Estelle. "Enjoy!" she called after them, feeling increasingly amused with this development. What wonderful students, to hang out with her nephew in their free time and then scamper off to do Cultural Studies homework. She appreciated that almost as much as she appreciated having time with Raja for herself. Last year, they had met up more frequently, 'met up' in this case meaning Estelle tracking down Raja at least fifty percent of the time because supposedly it wasn't cool to have a positive, obvious relation with one's aunt while one was a student at said aunt's school. (Hah. As if.)

Estelle shook her head in response to his question. "I don't mind at all. Right here?" she checked, shuffling a few steps father back on the stage. "Good? Nah, a bit more. And so many of you kids are giants," she added, hands stretched high overhead, sounding equal parts cheerful and peeved. The Australian witch continued in this manner for as long as she thought Raja needed, being sure to switch up her position periodically, and extend her various limbs periodically, and chatter through almost incessantly. Idle talk, for the most part, just quizzing him on how classes were going, but then she remembered - "Good Lord, you're a teenager now. I keep forgetting. Sorry, Roger. How's teenaged life treating you? Any angst, anarchist tendencies, special friends? Not to worry, I won't tattle to your mum," she teased, not unkindly.

  • Well that's embarrassing - Raja, Tue Jan 2 19:59
    After a moment of jarring slightly, Saad Abdella obliged Raja’s request and took the stage. He seemed startled and uncomfortable, but that wasn’t particularly unusual for Saad, as far as Raja could... more
    • Embarrassment is all in your head - Aunt Estelle, Wed Jan 3 16:15
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