I'm Floundering at finding a fishy pun
Thu Jan 4, 2018 09:58

“Why does that mean you and Marley can’t be friends anymore?” Holland asked. As often happened when someone questioned her about her beliefs, Claudia experienced an instinctive reaction, rather than a logically formed response. Her automatic answer, which remained unspoken, was ‘because it’s wrong’. While Claudia considered that sufficient reason for the two girls to not be going on a date together in the first place, she would grudgingly accept that it didn’t fully explain why Claudia could not be friends with her. After all, Marley had a Muggle parent, and she didn’t think that witches and wizards should only reproduce with other witches and wizards, AND she didn’t understand that two people should be married before they made any children, yet Claudia was still friends with her even after all that. “Danny is friends with me, and I’m not straight either,” Holland added.

Claudia looked at them levelly. If she had ingested some more of that infernal botched veritaserum, as had happened during the same potions class wherein Marley had forfeited their friendship, the blonde girl would have responded, ‘Danny doesn’t always make good choices.’ It was certainly beneficial that she had not felt compelled to say that, however, because as much as Claudia believed that her brother’s decision-making was becoming increasingly poor, she actually supported his choice to be friends with Holland. Holland was nice, if unusual. Claudia had been very young when she had first heard about Holland - as a person at her brother’s school who identified as neither male nor female - and her innocence had allowed her to accept the concept without question. Hence Holland had always been just Holland, and they had been friends with Danny, and Claudia hadn’t even seen Holland until her first year at RMI. Their androgynous appearance might otherwise have caused her to wonder about the older student’s gender, but that information had already been supplied and processed for three years. It wasn’t until now, right this moment, when Holland claimed they were not straight that Claudia felt a stir of uneasiness.

Trying to think about Holland’s dating preferences when that person was sitting inches from her, applying her make-up, didn’t seem like a prudent move, however, so Claudia switched her focus back to the question they had asked. “It matters because I am not comfortable with the idea of that sort of relationship,” she said, “and,” she added quickly, because she had more to add and she did not want to be interrupted, “I do not believe Marley even likes Teal anyway. She has told me expressly that she likes boys.” There, that was a logical and valid argument. As backwards and perverse as it was, Claudia had been introduced to the concept that sometimes two wizards - or two witches - might want to be involved romantically. She didn’t understand it, but she knew such couples existed. However Marley was obviously not one of those witches, because she had liked Connor, who was a wizard.

As for Holland, Claudia realized that unless another non-binary person was available (and she doubted there were many people in the world who had made that particular lifechoice) Holland would, by necessity, need to date someone of a different gender. Which… didn’t make them not straight, in Claudia’s opinion. If being homosexual meant dating a person of the same gender, then Holland could not be a homosexual unless they exclusively dated non-binary people. She doubted this line of thinking was doing much to improve her mind - in fact it was making her vaguely nauseous - but Claudia couldn’t help it; she was starting to feel like the world as she knew it was going gradually insane and nobody else could see it.

  • I’ll be reel-ly careful - Holland, Wed Jan 3 11:28
    Ah, yes. Holland was very aware that Marley was going on a date. They were aware because when they’d gotten back to Lyra after Ancient Runes one day, Marley had been waiting outside their door. She... more
    • I'm Floundering at finding a fishy pun - Claudia, Thu Jan 4 09:58
      • I’m sure you can dolfind one - Holland, Thu Jan 4 13:21
        Holland, admittedly, had had similar thoughts related to Marley’s date with Teal. The younger Lyra had said that she liked Teal but wasn’t sure whether she like-liked her, but regardless that boys... more
        • Whale I'll try - Claudia, Thu Jan 4 16:25
          When Holland talked, they never sounded condescending or patronizing, even when they were telling Claudia something new (as happened often, because they mostly talked about make-up, and Claudia had... more
          • You otter come up with something - Holland, Thu Jan 4 22:21
            Holland hadn’t meant to break Claudia by introducing her to the concept of plurisexuality, but it seemed for a moment that they had. How could Claudia be a teenager and not know that people could be... more
            • It's making me crabby - Claudia, Fri Jan 5 04:48
              Closing her eyes and saying nothing while Holland continued to apply her make-up was very soothing for Claudia. It had been an especially tumultuous second part of the year, and perhaps she’d been... more
              • We need to re-grouper - Holland, Fri Jan 5 10:36
                “It might,” Holland agreed. There was some risk of pain attached to doing most things, and that didn’t make those things not worth doing. Marley’s intentions weren’t to hurt Teal; Holland had always... more
                • Play a different tuna - Claudia, Sun Jan 7 13:38
                  Risk was a very personal concept. Claudia was taking a risk today with her statement dress and make up, but the risk was low: most people probably wouldn’t notice the change in her look, and of the... more
                  • Don’t mind my carping - Holland, Mon Jan 8 06:44
                    Holland chose the red lipstick—if you wanted to make a statement, why speak quietly?—and offered it to Claudia to apply. She had the lighted wall-mounted mirror to use in guiding her application of... more
                    • Holland handed Claudia a red lipstick. It wasn’t a shade she would have chosen for herself, but Claudia trusted Holland’s judgment on make-up, if nothing else. She took it and turned to the mirror,... more
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