We never have ulterior motives
Tue Jan 23, 2018 21:47

“Thanks.” Marissa knew that her hair wouldn’t go unnoticed. Her wild, long red hair had been a staple of her life ever since she’d been at Rocky Mountain International. It was literally impossible for someone not to realize she’d cut it. With how much Holland focused on hair (because they were basically some kind of magical genius at it), she had no doubts that they’d say something about it. But then Holland asked if it was a breakup haircut, and that got Marissa to her so-secret-that-it-totally-didn’t-exist-nope reason for asking Holland to come to the theater.

“I’m fine,” she answered, and it actually felt genuine this time. It sucked, and she still felt really embarrassed about it, but… it could have been worse. “It was my decision. I guess seriously dating someone wasn’t really for me? Or Danny, maybe.” She adjusted one of the sign-up sheets and messed with the stack of sample songs even though it was perfectly even already. Fidgeting made it better. “It was only a couple of days before we came back to school and I wanted to do something, so, ta-da, haircut.”

The Aquila very much didn’t want to talk about herself, though. Between breaking off a relationship she’d been so dramatic about starting and knowing literally nothing about where her life was going, she wasn’t the best conversation topic. She could feel the clock already counting down the time between now and graduation, where all of her friends would leave her behind for bigger and better things. And she’d just… Nope, not the time. Think about something else.

That something else just happened to be the Lyra in front of her. Marissa effortlessly sat and swung her legs over the edge of the stage, swinging them back and forth while she talked. “So, what about you? Any interesting relationship prospects on the horizon?” She raised her eyebrows and grinned. “Any particular seventh years?”

She could have meant Armaan, who’d been held back and dated Holland before, or Ruben. But she really meant Danny. Marissa couldn’t help herself. If she could Yente the two Lyras into dating, it’d definitely keep her from going back to hooking up with Danny like all the other times they broke up. Plus, she wanted her friends to be happy, and she guessed that things wouldn’t have been so awkward last year between the two if there weren’t shared feelings. She just loved helping people.

  • With no Ulterior Motives - Holland Keene, Sun Jan 21 02:27
    Holland was already behind this early in the semester, but that was mostly because of Animagus stuff. It could be said that a seventeen-year-old who was close to completing their Animagus work was... more
    • We never have ulterior motives - Marissa, Tue Jan 23 21:47
      • Never ever ever - Holland, Wed Jan 24 01:03
        Marissa’s “ I’m fine ” sounded real, and Holland felt the nervousness in their chest relax with relief. Marissa had initiated the breakup. Marissa had initiated the breakup, and Marissa was fine,... more
        • Don't be suspicious - Marissa, Thu Feb 1 20:45
          Excellent. Holland was someone who sometimes got lost in thought. After knowing the Lyra for about seven years at this point, Marissa knew what Holland’s different types of silence were. There was... more
          • Suspicious is my middle name - Holland, Tue Feb 6 12:38
            “ It seems like the perfect time for both of you, ” Marissa said, demonstrating a very loose understanding of the adjective. She was right about one thing: if nothing happened here and now, nothing... more
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